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When Do I Need a Lawyer?

Written by Legal Magazine on January 9th, 2019. Posted in Car accident lawyers, Personal injury settlement, When you need an attorney

For some of us, there may be a point in our lives when we experience an accident. It could be something as minor as a small fender bender. Or there could be an issue during a routine operation that went awry. Many of these cases can be handled in a way that both parties can reach an amicable agreement. Cases that are more complicated you should ask yourself: Do I need a lawyer?

Now in many cases, as stated before, you can come to an agreement with the other party involved. Let’s revisit the car accident scenario. Most accidents occur in parking lots, usually resulting in minor damage done to both cars. Best case scenario, legal advice will not be needed; usually, a phone call to your insurance will cover everything.

Do I Need a Lawyer if Someone is Injured?

In the case that you or the other party experiences some form of personal injury during an accident, you may need to seek legal advice. In the United States alone, almost 3 million people are injured in car accide

Taking A Look At Common Legal Troubles In The Construction World Of The United States

Written by Legal Magazine on January 7th, 2019. Posted in Business contract las vegas, Las vegas real estate attorney, Small business lawyer las vegas

The world of construction is an important one here in the United States and all around the world, there is certainly no doubt about this. After all, construction helps to push progress forward and what do we have if not that? Construction improves infrastructure and adds new buildings, often replacing ones that are old and falling down. Without construction, especially here in the United States, the landscape and even how we live would be very different indeed.

But this does not mean that the world of construction is without problems. After all, construction claims are quite commonplace. Aside from construction claims, everything from uniform commercial code to the terms of a legal contract to even discrimination or employment law can come into question. For all of the above, construction claims and all, a construction lawyer is ideal for any constructi