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7 Tips to Surviving Your Divorce Case

Written by Legal Magazine on March 25th, 2016. Posted in Divorce attorney, Toms river divorce lawyer, Toms river new jersey lawyers

Care and custody of the children

Going through a divorce can be really hard but many marriages end this way. Nearly 20% of all first marriages end in a divorce within five years. Nearly 10% of all Americans adults are divorced. The average divorce case takes about a year to settle.

Tips to Surviving Your Divorce Case:

  1. Consider mediation. Many people rush out and get a divorce lawyer when a mediator might be just as good an option. In general a divorce attorney will bring out the worst in everyone where a mediator can bring out the best in people. Your divorce case may n

Important Divorce Advice — What to Do When Your Marriage Stops Working Out

Written by Legal Magazine on March 18th, 2016. Posted in Divorce forms, Family divorce lawyers, Uncontested divorce

Alimony attorney

Marriage has traditionally been a wonderful thing — a union of two people in love that is meant to create beautiful moments, a happy life and the joy of children in the future. However, sometimes marriages do not work out, and the parties involved ponder about getting separated for a fresh start. The direction that we are currently headed towards shows that more and more marriages eventually end up this way, with more than 40% of first marriages and about 60% of second marriages finally ending up in a divorce proceeding.

If you are looking at an impending divorce, there are quite a few ways to ensure that the proceedings, which usually take up to a year on average to resolve, go smoothly and without any hitch. The best divorce advice anyone can give you is to immediately consider hiring Continue Reading No Comments

Are You a Victim of Discrimination?

Written by Legal Magazine on March 14th, 2016. Posted in Legal issues, Legal liability for my product, St paul personal injury attorney

Legal rights

One of the greatest things about being an American is that our civil rights are protected by the US Constitution that our system of government is based on. If those civil rights were violated, you have several options for protecting yourself and recovering the damage that was inflicted.

Whether you were a victim of sexual harassment, discrimination because of your race, age, or religious beliefs, or you were a victim of police misconduct, you may not know what what legal leverage you have in the situation. The following legal advice comes from civil rights and injury lawyers who specialize in your exact situation, to give you guidance on your options for recourse after your civil rights are violated.

Determine if