Month: May 2017

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Better Safety and Protection for Truck Drivers with the Help of the Right Trucking Accident Lawyer

It is common knowledge that all professions are not created equal. While there might be professions where there are no serious health hazards or dangers, there are quite a few professions that can involve a significant amount of danger that people have to surmount on a daily basis. Working as any kind of delivery person […]

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What You Need to Know About Getting Hurt at Work

It seems like something that nobody wants to talk about. When either you or someone else gets hurt at work, it can very easily become a subject that is taboo. If we get hurt, we don’t want to seem as though we are taking advantage of anyone. We don’t want to be seen as taking […]

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Want to Get Your Money, But Aren’t Looking Forward to a Trial?

How successful do you think personal injury lawsuit settlements are generally? Fairly successful, actually, as about 96% of all personal injury cases actually reach a settlement during pretrial. So if you or someone you know have recently experienced medical malpractice, been in a car crash, or had a bad fall at work, the chances of […]

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