Month: February 2014

Attorney polk county
Polk probate lawyer
What is a trust

Understanding Trust and Estate Planning

Talking to your local estate planning lawyer is the best thing that you could do for the sake of your future and that of your loved ones. They can help you learn more about the process by sharing estate planning questionnaire and worksheets with you. When you find out about various estate planning topics, you […]

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Cost of filing bankruptcy
Information on filing bankruptcy
What is chapter 13 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Could Be Right For You

Bankruptcy is a word with a lot of baggage. Although many people in a tough financial position wonder “Will filing bankruptcy ruin my life?”, taking this legal step is a beginning, not an end. Declaring bankruptcy could be a lifeline for you that allows you to start over and build a new life after a […]

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Compliance management
Corporate careers
Executive hiring process

Law Firms Create More Jobs

A greater number of law firms are hiring lateral partners (partners from another firm) and/or screening external candidates for top positions, The New York Times reports. This spike in hiring suggests a few things. First, firms are creating more jobs, and, second, legal establishments need lawyers and board members to fill these new positions. What […]

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Divorce lawyers in arizona
Family attorney phoenix az
Scottsdale divorce attorney

Text Messages Making Waves in Divorce Courts

Updated 4/13/22 Divorce is taking a new twist with the addition of text messages. Text messages are being used in divorce court and are often taken out of context. A high number of text messages are being used in divorce court and having the final say about items like custody, child support, and division of […]

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Computer forensic investigation
Computer forensic investigator
Houston computer forensics

Courts Don’t Know What to Do With Digital Evidence

The debate is back on. The Supreme Court will rule whether the state of Rhode Island legally or illegally seized text messages from alleged murderer Michael Patino. Patino was charged of murdering 6 year old Marco Nieves, largely based on text messages on his girlfriend’s cellphone. In 2012, a Rhode Island court ruled that the […]

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Immigrant entrepreneurs
Immigration attorney cleveland
Student visa lawyer

How to Become a United States Citizen

Did you know that 40% of the United States population is expected to be of Latino descent by 2041? In addition, an estimated 8% of the population will be of Asian origin by the same year. Although the U.S. Census Bureau reports that approximately 40 million individuals have immigrated to the United States, immigrants must […]

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Drug crime lawyers
Las vegas dui
What is the sentence for domestic violence

What Is Considered Domestic Violence?

When people think of domestic violence, they conjure up an image of a bruised, broken, and battered human being suffering at the hands of someone they’re supposed to hold close to them. However, millions more Americans are suffering and don’t even that their situation can be what is considered domestic violence. What Is the Definition […]

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Canadian immigration attorney
Immigrant attorney
Immigration lawyer miami

Get Representation From a Head Injury Lawyer

There are many different situations where you may need to hire the services of an attorney, such as a head injury lawyer or an immigration attorney. One of the most talked about legal situations facing many people today is that of immigration. There are many interesting facts about immigration. In 2012, an estimated 33.2% of […]

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Chapter seven bankruptcy
Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy
When should you file for bankruptcy

A Look at Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Rules

No one wants to be in this kind of situation, but sometimes, it’s inevitable. The debts kept mounting or you had to shut down your business and don’t have any way to pay your loans. You’ll need a bankruptcy lawyer to file for a new town chapter 13 claim, and it’s vital to know more […]

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Legal separation in ohio —- YOUTUBE VIDEO

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