Year: 2019


How to Drive Safer to Avoid Accidents and Injury On the Road

Even though the majority of people may recognize that driving is a dangerous act, many fail to practice common safe driving techniques that decrease the likelihood of accidents, or worse, injuries to themselves and others. It is true that a lot of automobile accidents are nearly impossible to avoid, but there are steps that you […]

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3 Reasons Why a DUI Attorney May Be Right for You

The first days surrounding an arrest for DUI are a flurry of activity that can be overwhelming for anyone, especially first-time offenders. Things happen so quickly that it can be difficult to know when to go with the flow and when to hire an attorney. First things first: you’re not alone. In 2016, the CDC […]

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Important Tips From an Auto Accident Attorney

After an accident on the road, you need professional assistance who can help you recover from the trauma and advocate for you while dealing with the insurance companies. Most car accident attorneys are at your disposal and can help you overcome your accident while providing professionalism and care. Understanding Car Accidents Most people don’t understand […]

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Have You Been the Victim of a Recent Accident?

When you find yourself in a vulnerable spot it is important to make use of the most experienced resources that are available. If, for instance, you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness then it is important to find an accident attorney to see what your options are. Likewise, if you […]

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Some Considerations For Your Divorce

Getting a divorce is never a happy time in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, however, getting a divorce is all too necessary for many couples all throughout the country. After all, a new couple gets divorced for about every 30 second period of time that passes by. In a single day, more than 2,000 people get divorced, […]

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Attorneys for Construction Law

It may not come as a surprise to hear that the American construction industry is enormous, and it has a market value of over one trillion dollars. Many American contractor crews are hard at work building today’s office towers, schools, suburban homes, banks, libraries, and more. However, a construction site may have many hazards for […]

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I’ve Been Injured On-The-Clock Do I Qualify For Workers’ Comp In My State?

Asking for legal help can seem like a losing battle sometimes. First you need to find the right lawyer to address your case. After that you have a mountain of paperwork to fill out, calls to make, and questions to answer. This doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to adhering to state laws […]

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3 Tips For Fathers Hoping to Gain Custody of Their Children

If you’re a father and you’re trying to gain custody of your children, you have a long road ahead of you, but it’s certainly achievable with the right help. That’s where experienced child custody attorneys come into play. In just over 51% of custody decisions, both parents agree that the mother should become the custodial […]

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The Frequency of Divorce and The Need to Improve the Process with Divorce Advice

Divorce has such a strong presence in the U.S. that it occurs roughly once every 36 seconds. This means that about 2,400 divorces happen daily, 16,800 weekly, and 876,000 divorces annually. Considering the depth of this issue, there becomes a great need for divorce advice for all of these couples and families. The Cost of […]

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Have an Invention? You Need Patent Protection!

If you have an valuable idea or invention, you may have thought about obtaining a patent to protect it. However, filing for patents can be tricky to navigate on your own, and if done incorrectly you could be denied. Having a patent attorney on your side can help streamline this process, and ensure the protection […]

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