Month: November 2013

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How to Become a United States Citizen

Did you know that Congress created a temporary program in 1992 that allowed eligible aliens to become permanent residents of the United States? Although this program was implemented to stimulate economic growth, immigrants today must follow certain rules and laws in order to become citizens. By determining how to find immigration lawyers, however, you or […]

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Corona grandparent visitation rights attorney
Riverside child custody lawyers
Riverside custody attorneys

Lawyers Are Not Always the Bad Guy

If you are making the decision to get a divorce, you are not alone. Every 13 seconds, a couple in the U.S. files for divorce. This means that divorce lawyers are constantly at work, getting paperwork ready for their clients to sign. Families have to settle the division of property and who takes charge of […]

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What Do You Get For Your Private Investigator Fee?

The basic underlying reason people hire private investigator services is to obtain information that’s not easy to get. But what do you get exactly for the private investigator fee? Well, it all depends on the private detectives’ experience, their location, the case, the type of service, and other factors. Here is a short list of […]

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Michigan bankruptcy lawyer —- FREE VIDEOS

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