Month: February 2017

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Workplace Injuries, Plane Crashes And Drunk Driving How To Choose The Right Attorney

The world is hazardous. There are everyday risks to deal with, from slips and trips to more subtle issues such as spreading illness or mental health degradation. Even a sedentary job can see you accumulating long-term physical damage in your wrists and lower back, leaving you out of pocket years down the road and struggling […]

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Five Tips to Remember When Pulled Over for a DUI

An average drunk driver has operated a vehicle under the influence 80 times before first being arrested. If you continue to break the law, chances are, a police officer will eventually catch you. People drive drunk about 300,000 times a day, but fewer than 4,000 of those people are arrested. If you find yourself in […]

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Post-Car Crash Tips to Follow

In the U.S., most of us rely on our car to get us safely from one place to the next. Although we’d like to consider ourselves to be good drivers and think that we’re safe in our vehicles, car crashes are unfortunately quite common. In fact, in 2013 alone, 2.05 million vehicle drivers and passengers […]

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