Month: August 2013


Thinking About Becoming a Lawyer? Stay Current With Legal News Across the Nation

If you are a lawyer, an employee of the justice department, or just a concerned citizen, there are legal business magazines online and in print to satisfy your need for specialized news and editorials on the American legal system. However, there are two legal magazines which are better well known, and may be more useful […]

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Family divorce lawyers
St. louis divorce lawyer
St. louis family law attorney

Family Law The Basics

In today’s culture, marriage and divorce are fraught with legal implications. Though during Anglo Saxon times in England, they were viewed as private matters, there are now entire practices devoted to family law. No longer dealing with only marriage, divorce, child custody, and child support, family law specialists now also handle areas of law related […]

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Bail bonds las vegas nv —- Free Videos

Do you have questions about how bail bonds fees work and what is included in the bonding rate and bail amount that you end up paying? Are you confused about the process of making bail during trial hearings and what it means for you in the long run with your case? Do you have questions […]

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Infographic On the bail business and its effect today in modern society. —- [VIDEOS]

Many people are unaware of the differences between bail and jail. Bail is the temporary release of a defendant in custody for legal proceedings with certain conditions. Jail is the confinement imposed upon somebody found guilty of an offense by a court or magistrate. Bail requirements vary from country to country, but usually, there is […]

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Fiance visa lawyer houston
Immigration attorney
Immigration attorney houston tx

What is a Marriage Visa?

There are only two ways for an American citizen to bring a foreign born spouse into the country. One is to get an immigrant visa, and the other is to get a nonimmigrant visa. In order to be eligible for the aforementioned visas, an immigrant must be sponsored by an American citizen, relative or prospective […]

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