When Do I Need a Lawyer?


For some of us, there may be a point in our lives when we experience an accident. It could be something as minor as a small fender bender. Or there could be an issue during a routine operation that went awry. Many of these cases can be handled in a way that both parties can reach an amicable agreement. Cases that are more complicated you should ask yourself: Do I need a lawyer?

Now in many cases, as stated before, you can come to an agreement with the other party involved. Let’s revisit the car accident scenario. Most accidents occur in parking lots, usually resulting in minor damage done to both cars. Best case scenario, legal advice will not be needed; usually, a phone call to your insurance will cover everything.

Do I Need a Lawyer if Someone is Injured?

In the case that you or the other party experiences some form of personal injury during an accident, you may need to seek legal advice. In the United States alone, almost 3 million people are injured in car accidents on the road. It has been calculated that roughly every 16 minutes there is a motor vehicle crash. After which unless you have irrefutable evidence, such as an integrated camera on your dashboard, you will need help figuring out where the fault lies. The aid of a personal injury lawyer will make any subsequent trial procedure effortless.

Often You Will Not Go to Trial

Roughly 95 to 96% are settled outside of court. Usually, this happens through some form of mediation where it is encouraged to have a lawyer present to help iron out any details you may be unfamiliar with. Take the classic slip and fall, for example. Companies and larger corporations tend to avoid trial and settle out of court. Often it would cost more. With a personal injury law firm, the chance of a large award increases.

Legal advice is extremely beneficial. But, often a lawyer is not the right solution. In rare cases, they could potentially inflate an issue. For simple disagreements likely, you will not need legal advice. Lawyers, while helpful, can be expensive. You should take your time thoroughly researching firms before you choose. You could avoid legal fees and walk away happy. Considering your options is key.

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