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Strict New DUI Laws Target Owners of Bicycles, Motorcycles, and Sport Utility Vehicles

Written by Legal Magazine on February 9th, 2016. Posted in Dui dwi attorney, Dui laws by state, Finding a good attorney

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In the last 35 years, the overall rate of drunk driving has been cut in half. Although almost 30 million Americans recently reported that they have operated a vehicle — automobile, truck, golf cart, or bicycle — under the influence of alcohol, statistics show a remarkable drop in alcohol-related fatalities.

While even the best criminal defense attorney may be willing to take cases where the driver was clearly impaired, the best defense in drunk driving cases may be to avoid operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Several states have passed stringent new DUI laws; in some areas o

6 Things to Consider Before Filing for Bankrutpcy

Written by Legal Magazine on February 7th, 2016. Posted in Melanie cyganowski, Qui tam actions, White collar offenses

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Bankruptcy is when an individual or company cannot pay off their debt. The status is only given by a court. There are two main types of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In a nutshell, Chapter 7 will wipe out all debt and give you a clean slate to start from and Chapter 13 will give you more time to pay. It may sound like an appealing option but you really have to consider your circumstances before filing bankruptcy. This is definitely not something that should be done on a whim. Careful thinking and accounting should be done and legal advice acquired first.

For the most part, filing for bankruptcy is recommended as a resort option. You have to have some serious bankruptcy issues to consider it. If someone

Personal Injury Law Fighting on Behalf of Victims and Their Families

Written by Legal Magazine on February 5th, 2016. Posted in Attorney for catastrophic injuries, School law attorney in nebraska, Workers compensation claims

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The health and safety an individual is not a privilege but a right; there are a number of laws in effect to protect individuals from harm. When those laws are breached, someone needs to stand up for the victim and ensure that justice is dealt to the responsible party. Many of the nation’s top law firms specialize in personal injuries and wrongful death cases to help victims and their families receive the compensation that they are entitled to. Here are three of the most common areas where personal injury law comes into effect.

Auto Accidents

Vehicles have been apart of human history for around a century, yet many have still not learned that th