Month: January 2018

Tractor trailer accident
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4 Steps You Should Take If You Have Been in a Big Rig Collision

No one expects to be in a major accident with a semi truck but it happens. Every year, in the United States, thousands of people lose their lives in big rig collisions. In fact, at least 98% of all accidents that involve semi trucks end in at least one person dead. If you have been […]

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Construction attorney dallas
Labor law
When should i consider an employment law firm

When Your Construction Company Needs an Attorney

Real estate and construction are majorly profitable industries; they are also industries whose actions can easily lead towards a lawsuit. The most notable of these lawsuits come through the form of injuries sustained or faulty installation claims made during the construction process. For any manager of a construction company, dealing with these lawsuits on their […]

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Drunk driving
Motor vehicle accidents
Personal injury attorney portland oregon

Personal Injury and You When To Consult a Lawyer

Accidents can happen when we least expect them to, causing injury and sometimes the tragic loss of life. Accidents can uproot lives and families, shaking the foundations of the victims lives. But personal injury attorneys can help put the pieces back together. Personal injury attorneys can help the victims find what compensation they may be […]

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