What Do You Get For Your Private Investigator Fee?


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The basic underlying reason people hire private investigator services is to obtain information that’s not easy to get. But what do you get exactly for the private investigator fee? Well, it all depends on the private detectives’ experience, their location, the case, the type of service, and other factors. Here is a short list of some duties that your private investigator fee will pay for!

1. Background checks.

Many peple will pay the private investigator fee to have a thorough background check
conducted, because they can access databases unavailable to the public that search multiple record resources simultaneously. Common scenarios for this duty include: civil suits, potential nannies, or prospective business partners. For this type of job, investigators will usually charge a flat fee as it’s a basic service requiring only some research work, and specialized equipment.

2. Surveillance.

A common reason people hire investigators is to confirm suspicions they may have about their spouse. Once the fear of infidelity takes root, the private investigator fee seems paltry compared to the value of knowing whether or not he or she is truly faithful. Investigators will obtain and provide proof in discreet, tasteful ways to help people move forward with their lives. In this case, it’s likely that the service will charge an hourly private investigator fee.

3. Identification.

In many missing person cases, anxious loved ones will hire private investigators to assist in official searches, or continue the case after it’s gone cold. Like in noir films, private investigators have the skills necessary to get to the bottom of cases. Their identification skills can also be used to find a vehicle’s owner, to find who owns a cell phone number, to find out who stole an identity, to discover who may be posting online threats, and many others. For this kind of case, the private investigator fee will be determined primarily by the difficulty of the process.

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