Everything You Need to Know About Elder Law


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Considering the fact that elder protection law was not a common practice up until about a decade ago, there are many questions about this type of law. Here is everything you need to know about elder law and why it is important.

What is elder law?

This is a broad area of law that is meant to protect senior citizens and their families. As it is such a large area of law that covers many services, most elder law attorneys do not have expertise in all topics, but instead they work together in groups so every aspect is covered. Here are some general services that fall under the realm of elder law.

Estate Planning

Estate planning includes preparing documents to ensure your assets go to the proper heirs. Estate planning attorneys will generally work with a will and/or a trust, with the goal to avoid probate and estate taxes.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning is the process of figuring out the proper health insurance coverage for a senior. This is important because health can change as one gets older, so quality medicaid planning is a must.


When a person is unable to make their own important decisions, the court will appoint someone as their guardian. These guardians are not predetermined, they are done through probate court when someone becomes mentally ill or physically unable to be coherent enough to make decisions. But, if a person would like to choose their caregiver then they must fill out an advanced directive. These are documents that state what you would like done if you become unable to make decisions. The most common advanced directives are the Durable Powers of Attorney, which allows a person to name a health care advocate and a financial representative they trust.

Nursing Home Neglect

As unfortunate as it is, nursing home neglect does happen and it is a serious offense. These cases are handled by litigation attorneys, but are dealt with differently than personal injury cases. These neglect attorneys will have expertise dealing specifically with common illnesses and ailments of the elderly.

It is important to choose an elder care attorney whom you can trust. Contact one today if you have any questions about setting up your assets for the future.

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