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How to Drive Safer to Avoid Accidents and Injury On the Road

Written by Legal Magazine on August 30th, 2019. Posted in Uncategorized

Even though the majority of people may recognize that driving is a dangerous act, many fail to practice common safe driving techniques that decrease the likelihood of accidents, or worse, injuries to themselves and others. It is true that a lot of automobile accidents are nearly impossible to avoid, but there are steps that you can take as a driver to decrease your likelihood of potential problems when you’re out on the road. If you drive a motorcycle, then driving with safety at the forefront of your mind is even more important as motorcycle accident claims are not fun for anyone involved. If you are looking to be certain that you are staying safe when you’re out on the roads, but you’re not sure where to begin, then follow some of our simple tips below to get started, or to refresh your memory. It just might make the difference between a safe trip and an accident.

What can I do to reduce my risks on the road?


Everything from driver fatigue to tractor trailers can be the source of serious accidents out on the road. No factor should ever be overlooked. As a driver, it is your responsibility to do everything in your power to maintain safe driving skills that prevent accidents. Even if you realize the commonality of accidents, it can be helpful to see the research data that supports it. In the year 2016 alone, approximately 475,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks were reported. Overall, 22% were crashes that caused injuries, and 0.8 % were fatal crashes. As a driver, there are steps you can take to reduce the number of accidents.

You should always practice defensive driving techniques. What does this mean? It means that you should always be prepared for the unexpected to occur. You should never drive with your emotions as your guide. If you find yourself getting frustrated or angry out on the road, then that leads to aggression, which is a telltale sign that you are not practicing defensive driving. Try to keep your cool and maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicles around you.

What should I do if I get into an accident?


While putting the right practices into place will help you avoid accidents, sometimes they are impossible to avoid. In the event of a collision or accident, it’s always wise to try to remain as calm as possible. While this is difficult, it will help you to navigate the situation with more clarity so that you can arrive at the best outcome among even the worst circumstances.

First and foremost, you should check to make sure that you and everyone involved has not sustained any injuries. Of course, if you are able to, you should call emergency services to assist anyone who has been injured. Often times making a call quickly can prevent further damage or the loss of a loved one. Next, you will need to assess any damage that your vehicle has sustained. If you are driving a motorcycle, then this information will be particularly pertinent if you are involved in any motorcycle accident claims.

Even if you do not need to file a claim in regards to your accident, it is wise to exchange contact and insurance information with any other drivers involved in the accident. Doing so will help you resolve any potential issues with your legal situation. Of course, motorcycle accident claims have a separate set of considerations, but obtaining some basic information at the time of the accident will give you more of a chance of timely resolution.

When you are in an automobile accident, whether it’s a trucking accident or an incident that requires motorcycle accident claims, it’s helpful to know that you have the right legal assistance on your side. If you’ve been in an accident and you’re looking for reliable, trustworthy support, then contact us today. With years of experience and a working knowledge of all kinds of accidents, we would love to help you navigate your situation, however peculiar and complicated. Accidents happen, so it’s a smart move to have the best help by your side.


3 Reasons Why a DUI Attorney May Be Right for You

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The first days surrounding an arrest for DUI are a flurry of activity that can be overwhelming for anyone, especially first-time offenders. Things happen so quickly that it can be difficult to know when to go with the flow and when to hire an attorney. First things first: you’re not alone. In 2016, the CDC reported over 1 million arrests for driving under the influence of either alcohol or narcotics. And while that number may seem large, it’s nothing in comparison to the staggering 111 million self-reported influences of alcohol-impaired driving, and that number skyrockets surrounding alcohol-heavy holidays such as the 4th of July. If you’re on the fence about hiring a DUI lawyer, here are some things to consider that might help you make your decision.

A Lawyer Can Help Offset Some Aspects of Sentencing


Driving under the influence is a serious offense, one that can result in jail time, suspension of a license, and hefty fines, not to mention the long-term issues like barriers to future career prospects and problems that may arise as a result of a lack of transportation. Knowing that, it’s important to have a competent attorney in your corner who can help you challenge some of these sentences to help strike the balance between showing a judge that you’re ready to be accountable for your actions and over-sentencing that may affect the rest of your career. Lawyers have specialized knowledge in terms of precedent for these matters and can advocate on your behalf for reduction or elimination of certain penalties you may incur, such as ignition interlock devices.

Knowledge Means Advocacy


Not only are DUI attorneys competent negotiators, but their knowledge in this particular area can be invaluable when it comes to advocating for you. This not only includes knowledge of your state’s laws and sentencing regarding alcohol-related offenses, but also knowledge of laws surrounding blood tests, breathalyzers, and traffic laws. This knowledge could mean the difference between jail time and reducing your charge to a lesser offense. You’re facing a specific charge with highly specialized proceedings; it’s important that your attorney be well-versed in this specific field.

Having an Advocate Is Important If the Worst Has Happened


If the unthinkable has happened and someone has been hurt or killed as a result of driving under the influence, you may be dealing with severe psychological distress in addition to your legal worries. Dealing with this stress or grief is a prolonged, complicated process, and having to navigate the two processes simultaneously can make it difficult–even impossible–to do either effectively. If you’re in this position, it’s important to have a competent attorney in your corner to help ensure that you’re not losing access to your ability to advocate for yourself while in the process of dealing with the trauma associated with this event. Moreover, if you have access to the appropriate resources, it’s important to seek out counseling for help in dealing with that grief. Advocacy on both fronts will help ensure that your DUI can be handled with the care and expertise it deserves.

If you’re still reeling from the aftermath of your arrest, it can be easy to get swept up in the proceedings and dealing with the stress that comes along with it. But if you’re able to stop, take a deep breath, and find an advocate who is willing to work for you, you can take the first steps toward the full life that comes afterward. Still have questions about what benefits a good attorney can provide for you? Leave them in the comments below.

Important tips from an auto accident attorney

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In the unfortunate event of an auto accident, it is important to have an experienced auto accident attorney take over your case. This puts you in a better situation when it comes to receiving any form of compensation from the claims that may have. In order to stand a better chance with your case, consider the following suggestions. Since there are about 3 million reported injuries annually from road accidents here in the US, it is important to have most things right when seeking claims.

Do not admit blame

This is a golden rule when it comes to an accident. In fact, insurance companies do insist on this a lot since by taking liability, there are a lot of aspects towards the accident and even the claim that can get lost. As such, the best thing is to wait for the accident report to be assessed and the accounts from the eyewitnesses.

Do not say you were not hurt

During an accident, your body produces adrenaline due to fear and shock. This puts your body in “flight” mode, and this can conceal feelings of pain until much later. This can take hours or even days. As a result, it would be improper to indicate that you were not hurt until you have had a medical checkup.

Determine if it is safe to move your vehicle

Depending on the location there might be a need to have the vehicles involved in the accident moved, especially if they prove to be a hazard to other drivers. In cases when this is not done, other motorists could be placed at risk. However, when doing this, it is important to ensure that details have been collected such as policy details, contact details as well as photos of the scene before anything was moved.

Get other driver’s information

Depending on the situation, it is important to get the details from the other driver involved in the accident. The critical details would be the contact information and their insurance policy details. With these ensure that you contact your insurance within a reasonable time as well as his just to ensure that that the incident was also reported.

Take pictures

Modern technology has made it easy to take pictures of a scene through the use of your phone camera. It is important to take advantage of this as it can be a point of reference when something is in dispute. When taking photos of the scene, it is important to do it from all angles and also capture any items that may be used as evidence.

Contact 911

Irrespective of how minor the accident was and if you would be interested in making a claim, it is a good idea to contact the police. This offers a point of reference on the car accident especially where some additional need for a claim such as injuries realized later.

Seek medical help

As noted earlier, it is easy to be under the assumption that personal injuries were not sustained during an accident where indeed this was being obstructed by adrenaline. To get confirmation that you were not injured you need to seek medical help. In addition to this, having a medical report would greatly help your lawyer especially when it comes making claims in regards to the injury sustained.


With the above taken into consideration, it is finally time to look for an auto accident attorney. While looking for this, it is important to consider experience and professionalism. It is important to take you through what is to be expected from the process and even the timeframes of the claim process. Additionally, help may be offered on getting other services such as medical help or even a reputable auto repair shop since an auto accident attorney has experience in such matters.

Have You Been the Victim of a Recent Accident?

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When you find yourself in a vulnerable spot it is important to make use of the most experienced resources that are available. If, for instance, you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness then it is important to find an accident attorney to see what your options are. Likewise, if you find that you have been the victim of a medical malpractice situation it is always important to make sure that have the support that you need to make a full recovery. In these and all other situations it is important to make sure that you get the legal advice that you need as soon as possible.
Accident lawyers offer their services to a number of different kind of clients, but it is often in your best interest to make sure that you are working with a legal representative who is experienced in the kind of help that you need.
When Was the Last Time That You Nee

Some Considerations For Your Divorce

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Getting a divorce is never a happy time in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, however, getting a divorce is all too necessary for many couples all throughout the country. After all, a new couple gets divorced for about every 30 second period of time that passes by. In a single day, more than 2,000 people get divorced, meaning that nearly 17,000 people will have finalized their divorces by the end of that week. And in the span of an entire year, that number reaches very nearly one million.

After all, there are many reasons that people get divorced. For one thing, sometimes people grow in different directions and are simply no longer compatible. In addition to this, major life events and tragedies, such as the truly tragic loss of a child, can also drive a wedge between a couple that was previously stable. And things like cheating and addiction have both led to many a divorce as well. At the end of the day, some marriages just don’t work out and must end for the good of all parties invol

Attorneys for Construction Law

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It may not come as a surprise to hear that the American construction industry is enormous, and it has a market value of over one trillion dollars. Many American contractor crews are hard at work building today’s office towers, schools, suburban homes, banks, libraries, and more. However, a construction site may have many hazards for both human life and expensive machinery alike, and this may involve some liability paperwork. Construction attorneys and other construction lawyers may be on hand if there is a dispute or a case of injury or property damage during a construction project, and these attorneys will have the relevant skills and knowledge to handle such a dispute between contractors. If a worker is injured by a faulty piece of equipment, for example, construction attorneys may pursue litigation against a perceived at-fault party. Or, a crew may make a very late invoice payme

I’ve Been Injured On-The-Clock Do I Qualify For Workers’ Comp In My State?

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Asking for legal help can seem like a losing battle sometimes.

First you need to find the right lawyer to address your case. After that you have a mountain of paperwork to fill out, calls to make, and questions to answer. This doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to adhering to state laws and potential court hearings. When you’ve been the victim of a personal injury and want to make things simpler, not harder, it’s time to visit your local law firm. There’s a lot to keep track of and there’s no shame in admitting you need a little help.

From medical malpractice to car accidents, here is a basic rundown of what you should know before reaching out for help.

Quick Facts About Personal Injury

It’s important to move forward with practical knowledge, not sensationalist misconceptions. First things first: personal injury is a very common issue in the United States and nothing you should feel ashamed for considering. When y

3 Tips For Fathers Hoping to Gain Custody of Their Children

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If you’re a father and you’re trying to gain custody of your children, you have a long road ahead of you, but it’s certainly achievable with the right help. That’s where experienced child custody attorneys come into play.

In just over 51% of custody decisions, both parents agree that the mother should become the custodial parent — but there are plenty of cases where the father believes he should hold primary caretaker responsibilities.

Child custody attorneys will help you throughout every step of the way and can speed up the entire process, which can be quite time-consuming, stressful, and overwhelming.

In addition to consulting with child custody lawyers, however, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of gaining custody of your children, including:

  • Make payments on-time – Making child custody payments on-time is very important for fathers. If you have an informal arrangement with your child’s mother, it’s best to maintain records like check receipts and written documents. Having a good record of making payments will help you in the long run.
  • Attend important meetings – It’s important for fathers who are trying to gain custody of their children to regularly attend all their school and social gatherings. This will show the court that you’re willing to do everything that is necessary to care for your child and it will help you strengthen your relationship with your kids.
  • Always be respectful – You’ll find it very difficult to get custody of your children if you aren’t being respectful with their mother and other members of the family and/or court. Disrespectful behavior will not only look bad on you, but it will affect your child in a negative way, as well.

Though these are extremely difficult familial situations to deal with, as long as you’re being respectful, responsible, and are working with professionals, you’ll have a much better chance at having a happy and healthy relationship with your children. If you want to learn more about custody and work with trusted child custody attorneys, give us a call right away.

The Frequency of Divorce and The Need to Improve the Process with Divorce Advice

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Divorce has such a strong presence in the U.S. that it occurs roughly once every 36 seconds. This means that about 2,400 divorces happen daily, 16,800 weekly, and 876,000 divorces annually. Considering the depth of this issue, there becomes a great need for divorce advice for all of these couples and families.

The Cost of Divorce

One of the most common needs during the divorce process is the divorce attorney. Questions of property can be a great challenge, especially when there is a home, and even more so when there are children who add the need for a custody battle. In addition to work with attorneys, there is time needed to make all agreements. The longer a divorce takes the more expensive it can become, averaging about 15,000 to 42,500 dollars in the United States.

The Need for Divorce Advice

While a divorce attorney may not necessarily be the one to provide either party proper divorce advice, there are many sources that can help with this as well. Some

Have an Invention? You Need Patent Protection!

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If you have an valuable idea or invention, you may have thought about obtaining a patent to protect it. However, filing for patents can be tricky to navigate on your own, and if done incorrectly you could be denied. Having a patent attorney on your side can help streamline this process, and ensure the protection of your intellectual property.

What Qualifies For A Patent

Before we jump into what a patent lawyer can do for you, here are the basics of what qualifies for a patent in the United States.

  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states that a patented idea or invention must be “new and useful”. This means either the machine or idea must be completely original, or serve a specific function.
  • The invention must also be an obvious progression on something that has already been patented. This means if your invention improves upon something that already exists it more than like