What Legal Services Do Bankruptcy Preparation Services Provide?


If you need to file for bankruptcy, you likely don’t have a lot of extra funds on hand to pay legal fees to a lawyer. While filling for bankruptcy without any legal assistance at all would be exceptionally difficult, a bankruptcy lawyer isn’t your only option. You could also choose to work with a paralegal firm offering bankruptcy preparation services.

A bankruptcy preparation service doesn’t offer the same level of service or expertise that a bankruptcy lawyer offers.

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However, in exchange, these services are much less expensive than the legal fees you would pay to a lawyer.

The video on this page describes these services and what they offer. They can’t truly give legal counsel, but they can help you by preparing all of the legal documents necessary for your case. This allows you to represent yourself in court with professionally completed paperwork that has been filed correctly. Although they won’t be able to put your case together completely and represent you in court like a lawyer would, they can be a great affordable option if you can’t pay attorney’s fees.

To learn more about filing for bankruptcy, reach out to bankruptcy preparation services or bankruptcy lawyers in your area.

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