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The Frequency of Divorce and The Need to Improve the Process with Divorce Advice

Divorce has such a strong presence in the U.S. that it occurs roughly once every 36 seconds. This means that about 2,400 divorces happen daily, 16,800 weekly, and 876,000 divorces annually. Considering the depth of this issue, there becomes a great need for divorce advice for all of these couples and families. The Cost of […]

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Patent lawyers

Have an Invention? You Need Patent Protection!

If you have an valuable idea or invention, you may have thought about obtaining a patent to protect it. However, filing for patents can be tricky to navigate on your own, and if done incorrectly you could be denied. Having a patent attorney on your side can help streamline this process, and ensure the protection […]

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The Function of Construction Law

Construction stands as one of the largest industries in the entire United States. As a developed nation, the United States has a constant need for updating or constructing new buildings, often of great size. Schools, apartments, banks, malls, and office buildings have to come from somewhere, and the massive American construction industry is ready for […]

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Debt Is One Of Today’s Biggest Problems Filing For Bankruptcy With The Help Of An Attorney

Bankruptcy is never an easy decision. It comes after many weeks, sometimes months, of deliberation. It involves financial planning that can span back years, all in the hopes of finding another way out. When you have no other choice than to start over from scratch, a bankruptcy attorney can help you through the process. It’s […]

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Involved in the Estate Planning Process? Keep These Dos and Don’ts in Mind

The top three reasons that clients engage in estate planning are to 1. avoid probate (59%), 2. minimize discord among beneficiaries (57%), and 3. protect children from mismanaging their inheritances (39%). But there are plenty of reasons to involve yourself in the process and re-evaluate your estate plan. However, whether you’re starting from scratch or […]

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When you need an attorney

When Do I Need a Lawyer?

For some of us, there may be a point in our lives when we experience an accident. It could be something as minor as a small fender bender. Or there could be an issue during a routine operation that went awry. Many of these cases can be handled in a way that both parties can […]

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Taking A Look At Common Legal Troubles In The Construction World Of The United States

The world of construction is an important one here in the United States and all around the world, there is certainly no doubt about this. After all, construction helps to push progress forward and what do we have if not that? Construction improves infrastructure and adds new buildings, often replacing ones that are old and […]

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Understanding the Importance of Trial Experience for a Personal Injury Attorney

About 95% to 96% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial. As a result, many people don’t feel as though it’s necessary to prioritize trial experience when finding an attorney at law to represent them. But this isn’t exactly the case. About 52% of personal injury cases related to motor vehicle accidents, but regardless of […]

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It’s Time to Kick These Myths About Motorcycle Accidents to the Curb

About 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents on U.S. roads, and motorcycle accidents make up a sizable portion of these incidents. Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, it’s up to you as a responsible motor vehicle driver to be aware of the facts about their safety. Motorcycle […]

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Involved In a Crash? Contact A Car Accident Lawyer Right Away

Serious injuries can happen to anyone at any time — especially out on the U.S. roadways. Since virtually every driver has a mobile phone nowadays, the threat of vehicle accidents is even higher. In fact, drivers are actually 23 times more likely to crash if they are texting on their phones while driving.   No […]

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