How to File a Restraining Order


If you need to file a restraining order but don’t know where to start, Mary has tips on how to get a restraining order yourself.

A restraining order, both temporary and permanent, can be issued to prevent assault and threatened bodily harm, prevent domestic abuse prevent emotional abuse to an elderly person, prevent sexual abuse, assault, or stalking. All of these can be prevented with a retraining order.

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You can get paperwork to file a restraining order from your local court’s website and you can go to the court itself to get paperwork in person. You can also get help on filling out the paper work when visiting the court.

The hearing is only between you and the judge and he or she will make the decision on if you will receive a temporary restraining order or not. If you receive this restraining order, you will then go to the police and a police officer will serve these papers to the person who are filing against. Once they are served, you will not see this person for however long the restraining order lasts.

By two weeks, you will go to a permanent protection order hearing and explain to the judge why you think you need a permanent retraining order. If you do not receive the permanent restraining order, you can file another claim if something else occurs in the future.


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