Some Considerations For Your Divorce


Getting a divorce is never a happy time in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, however, getting a divorce is all too necessary for many couples all throughout the country. After all, a new couple gets divorced for about every 30 second period of time that passes by. In a single day, more than 2,000 people get divorced, meaning that nearly 17,000 people will have finalized their divorces by the end of that week. And in the span of an entire year, that number reaches very nearly one million.

After all, there are many reasons that people get divorced. For one thing, sometimes people grow in different directions and are simply no longer compatible. In addition to this, major life events and tragedies, such as the truly tragic loss of a child, can also drive a wedge between a couple that was previously stable. And things like cheating and addiction have both led to many a divorce as well. At the end of the day, some marriages just don’t work out and must end for the good of all parties involved.

Unfortunately, the divorce process is a long one, taking, on average, a full year to complete. In some cases, the process is even longer than that. Divorces can also be expensive and hugely contentious, two things that can make the process far more difficult than it necessarily has to be. Fortunately, divorce mediation services are becoming more and more common, and involving divorce mediation services in the process of your divorce can both save you money and make the process a far sight less stressful and painful than it would have otherwise been.

In fact, hiring someone to mediate your divorce has been proven to save a considerable amount of money. Choosing the divorce mediation process over divorce litigation will actually cut down your costs by as much as 60% – and typically no less than 40% at the very least. This is due to the fact that divorce mediation helps you and the person whom you are divorcing to come to a resolution in a faster and more mutually beneficial way, meaning that divorce mediation can help to solve the hardest of matters without involving a court of law.

One of these hard matters is that of custody, should children be involved in the divorce and therefore the divorce mediation process. Deciding custody can typically be done outside of a court of law, even if the decision making process is a contentious one. In such circumstances, the divorce mediation process can be incredibly helpful and can avoid the need for family law and family mediation services to become involved. After all, mediation training is quite thorough indeed, and those who go through it are typically able to perform the process of divorce mediation with skill, even when it comes to the difficult matter of deciding visitation and custody arrangements.

Divorce mediation proceedings can also help to settle matters of property. In addition to this, such proceedings can be beneficial for splitting up any other assets that the couple might have together as well. All in all, divorce mediation is a process that is still a difficult one – there is no doubting this fact – but is altogether a more productive process than many of the other ways in which you can seek out a divorce (such as, for instance, divorce litigation). And the success rates of the divorce mediation process are high, as anyone who has gone through the process of mediating a divorce will likely be able to attest to. In fact, the data reflects this, showing that the majority of all divorcing couples (more than two thirds of them, to be a bit more specific) were satisfied and even pleased with the outcome of the divorce mediation process when all was said and done.

Divorce is a hugely difficult and draining process, both physically, financially, and emotionally. In some ways, there is no getting around this and it will very likely always be the case. However, the process of divorcing can be made much less painful through the use of divorce mediation services. In recent year, divorce mediation services have become more popular than ever and will likely keep on growing as time passes on.

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