Have an Invention? You Need Patent Protection!


If you have an valuable idea or invention, you may have thought about obtaining a patent to protect it. However, filing for patents can be tricky to navigate on your own, and if done incorrectly you could be denied. Having a patent attorney on your side can help streamline this process, and ensure the protection of your intellectual property.

What Qualifies For A Patent

Before we jump into what a patent lawyer can do for you, here are the basics of what qualifies for a patent in the United States.

  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states that a patented idea or invention must be “new and useful”. This means either the machine or idea must be completely original, or serve a specific function.
  • The invention must also be an obvious progression on something that has already been patented. This means if your invention improves upon something that already exists it more than likely will not qualify. Most disputes that arise from patent applications fall into this category. This can be both difficult for potential applicants, but good for those whose ideas are being protected.
  • The idea or invention must not have been previously released to the public. For instance, if you have written a public piece highlighting your creation, it could be grounds for denial.

These are the just the bare basics of what qualifies a patent. Already it is obvious that there is a lot to consider. An experienced patent attorney will be able to help advise you of the nuances and achieve success.

What Does A Patent Attorney Do?

A patent attorney can not only help you sort though the qualifications, but they are able to assist with many different areas of patenting, and patent protection. They have specific training such as:

  • Patent lawyers often earn degrees in fields that will benefit their practice. Sciences such as chemistry and physics, or engineering specializations help them understand the inventions they will be working to patent. This is particularly helpful as part of the patenting process is writing a detailed report about the specifics of your invention. If your patenting machinery, having an attorney that engineering, can make that process even easier.
  • Parent lawyers not only must pass examinations in law, but also exams put forth by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This ensures they fully understand the nuances of the rules and laws so they can best help their clients.

When it comes to filing and protecting patents, here is how a lawyer can help.

  • Patent lawyers can take care of the filing process. This ensures that all paperwork is filed at the correct time, and with everything in order. Trying to manage all the deadlines yourself can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the work it entails. An patent lawyer can help you draft everything, and achieve approval.
  • A patent lawyer can also help you with any hiccups that arise during the application process. They can also help you appeal the patent if it gets rejected for any reason. They may also council you on anything that needs to be changed in order for the patent to be accepted; for instance, if the design is too close to another patented idea.
  • Once a patent has been achieved the lawyers jobs isn’t done. Patent protection is another very important aspect of their job. Your intellectual property is important, and you want to make sure no one else can take advantage of your hard work. Having an attorney on your side can help you protect your ideas for years to come.
  • Filing patents and patent protection are invaluable to any inventor or creator. Don’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to your intellectual property. Find a patent lawyer near you and set up a quick consult to see what they can do for your personally. They can help you file your patent, and assist with patent protection measures in the future.

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