Why Automobile Safety Ratings Are Inaccurate


There are numerous car accident each year. It is always better to be safe than sorry. This is why it is important to have auto insurance. The best way by far to get auto insurance is to get an auto insurance broker. They will look for the best deal for you because they are not obligated to sell insurance for any one company.

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This results in the best rate and savings for you. Since accidents are just a part of life, it is important to drive a safe car. However, are safety ratings are not that accurate. In this video, you will learn why.

Over the years, Americans have become increasingly overweight. This can be attributed to many factors ranging from lack of exercise to greasy foods. The result is a typical American that looks very different from Americans even 50 years ago. Meanwhile, the dummies used to crash test cars have not changed a bit. This means that they are no longer an accurate representation. This is especially important when overweight people are 80% more likely to die in a car accident with our current cars. Therefore, new dummies may need to be created or else there could be potential litigation revolving around inaccurate safety ratings.


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