Sports Car Crashes Right Into Unsuspecting Bus


Nobody expects to be in a car accident. This is especially true of their children. School bases are generally very save as the drivers are trained professionals with safety at the forefront of their minds. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for other people. In this video, you will see some majorly irresponsible individuals racing their sports cars as one crashes into a bus at over 100 miles per hour.

Video Source

This content may be disturbing to many people. If you are squeamish, please skip the video.

Shortly after the video starts, you see a car crash into the school bus. The moment of the crash almost seems to happen in slow-motion. Children go flying into the air as the school bus lands on its side. It takes a lot of force to knock over a school bus full of people. That is telling of how fast the car must have been going. The car and bus were totaled in the accident. However, of more concern is the children. Many of them only sustained minor injuries. Unfortunately, several children had to be hurriedly taken to the hospital to receive treatment for more major injuries such as a fractured pelvis. Let this be a lesson to all would be irresponsible drivers. Think of how it could effect others around you. Also think of the number of attorneys coming after you if nothing else.


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