When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer


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Getting into a car accident is certainly not something that the average person anticipates or plans for. Unfortunately, however, motor vehicle accidents are one of the tragic realities of our world. Many people are injured and even die in motor vehicle accidents and personal injury lawsuit is often appropriate. Though many accidents could not have easily been prevented (take cases of severe weather, for example), many are due to distracted driving or even driving under the influence. In these cases, the victim of the accident may hire a personal injury lawyer and subsequently decide to file a personal injury lawsuit.

In fact, most personal injury claims – over half – result from a motor vehicle accident. In the United States alone, 6 million car accidents occur every year. Of those car accidents, around 3 million people are injured to some extent. Car accidents have a number of causes, but distracted driving is one of the main ones. You may have seen the billboards on the highway, telling you to get off your phone and pay attention to the road. Those billboards are there for a reason, as distracted driving, often related to cell phone use, is claiming more and more lives.

Aside from distracted driving, driving under the influence causes many motor vehicle accidents as well. In these cases, a driver, under the influence of a substance such as alcohol, injuries or kills another driver or passengers because of their impaired state. Drunk drivers claim many lives every year, and, frighteningly enough, most people who drive drunk are never caught.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help the victims to feel that justice has been restored. Personal injury settlements, though they cannot make up for a lowered quality of life or, in cases of death, the loss of life, can help the victim or the victim’s family get back on their feet. A car accident attorney who is practiced in filing personal injury lawsuits can help guide a victim or family through this process, helping them to get the best settlement possible. The best lawyers to hire are those with lots of experience and proven track record of success, lawyers that care about you as well as the result of the case.

A motor vehicle accident can have devastating consequences certainly, but the filing of a personal injury lawsuit can help the victims, victims, and their families to feel that justice has been served and provide help through what can sometimes be an arduous and financially taxing recovery.

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