When to Consult With an Attorney From Real Estate Purchases to Estate Planning


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When you need legal advice, it’s important to consult with an attorney. While there is a considerable amount of information available online about different types of legal situations, including where you might be able to obtain legal help, there is no substitute for speaking directly with an attorney. Basically, you want to work with an attorney that has experience with the area of law that pertains to your specific situation.

When to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

If you’re planning to purchase real estate, for example, a real estate lawyer will be able to provide you with detailed information about real estate purchase agreements. Furthermore, a real estate lawyer will also be able to respond to any questions you may have about the overall process. Since some aspects of purchase agreements may be difficult to understand, an attorney will be able to explain these in simpler terms.

When to Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer

Once you’ve decided it’s time to plan your estate, you’ll want to consult directly with an estate planning attorney. Recent data shows that approximately 55% to 70% of people within the United States haven’t created a basic will or an estate plan. While there are a variety of reasons why these individuals haven’t engaged in their estate planning yet, one of them may be due to not knowing where to begin or how to proceed.

While there are a variety of important reasons to create an estate plan, these are considered to be the top three, according to legal experts:

  • To avoid going through probate: 59%
  • To reduce or otherwise minimize conflicts with beneficiaries: 57%
  • To protect and prevent children from mismanaging their inheritances: 39%

Consult With an Attorney to Learn More

There are, of course, other situations where you may benefit from receiving legal advice from an attorney. You might, for example, be in a situation where you require legal representation due to sustaining a work-related injury or being in a car accident.

Other legal situations that concern you may involve reporting elder abuse. It’s been found that more than 40% of residents within nursing homes have reported instances of abuse. Furthermore, more than 90% of nursing home residents reported that they, or other residents, have been neglected. Unfortunately, just one out of every 14 of these cases are ever reported to the proper authorities.

Given that there are a variety of situations where it is beneficial to consult with an attorney, it makes sense to do so at your earliest opportunity. Since you may have been misinformed, or are unclear on the nuances of the law in your particular situation, you will be in a much better position to have your situation resolved by working with an attorney.

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