The Secret Life of Scammers


Scam centers may seem like a rather small crime. However, it is a huge operation and has huge consequences for those involved. Most scam centers are based out of India, but they can be located anywhere. India is a hot spot because they have successfully infiltrated the police and law systems in that country to provide themselves immunity in many cases. However, if they were to get caught, they would need to contact a bail bond agency.

The scam centers usually offer tech-savvy employees lucrative pay to do shady work. However, you wouldn’t guess this by looking at the building.

Video Source

They operate in nice semi-skyscrapers. They often mask themselves as high-tech firms and call centers. In fact, they may just be that. They often have employees working for them that don’t even realize the company is making huge profits from scamming. In this video, you will learn more.

In the video, Mark Rober hacks into the security camera of scammers and uses it to retrieve the password of the scammer boss. He is then able to log into the company site and learns that they may over $60,000 every day simply by scamming people. This is only one of many scam centers that are out there. The worst part is that most of them target elderly people that are more susceptible to falling for the scams.


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