Reasons You Need OCC ACC Insurance


If you own a trucking business, you’ll need to have OCC ACC insurance. There are many reasons you need this insurance, and many issues can arise without it. Keep reading to learn the top reasons you need OCC ACC insurance.

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Let’s start with what OCC ACC insurance is. An OCC ACC insurance policy gives the employer the means to fulfill the obligation of workers’ compensation insurance, but at a lower cost than a worker’s compensation policy.

the first reason you need OCC ACC insurance is because workers’ compensation is the best coverage, but it is the most expensive. In some states, it is mandatory to have a workplace injury and disability policy. In many cases, an OCC ACC insurance policy is a better option.

The second reason you need OCC ACC insurance is because workplace industries happen in the trucking industry. In fact, trucking is one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America. It’s no wonder why. A 80,000 pound vehicle on America’s busy roadways is a formula for trouble.

To learn about more reasons you need OCC ACC insurance for your trucking business, watch the video above!


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