Probate Process Breakdown


A probate law office deals with all things probate. If you have ever wondered what that entails, read on to find out more.

For starters, probate is defined as the official proving of a will.

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A probate law office comes in for the “official” part of that definition as they are in charge of the logistics of a person’s will or estate. The person who writes the will is known as the testator and the family member in charge of it after the testator passes away is known as the executor.

An executor will usually call a probate law office in order to receive help with the distribution of assets per the will. Most probate laws tend to be state specific so it certain aspects of probate vary depending on location. If a will doesn’t directly appoint the executor as independent, there are steps a probate law office will take to appoint them as the independent executor. This allows the executor to take certain actions without court approval. For example, if the executor needs to pay a bill on behalf of the estate, being independent allows them to not require a judge’s approval. This is why it is important that the executor is chosen by the testator to ensure that their assets are handled in the way the testator wished after passing.

If you have any further questions about the probate process, reach out to a local probate law office.


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