Different Types of Lawyers to Become

When we think of lawyers, we often picture a television lawyer who grilling some defendants on the stand until they confess. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of lawyers do not practice the law in this fashion. In fact, most of them never see the inside of a courtroom. There are many different types of attorneys who specialize in many kinds of law. For someone considering law school, they may be wondering about the different types of lawyers to become. Follow along to learn about the many different kinds of attorneys. While you may not be presenting cases in front of a jury, you can still find an exceptionally rewarding future career as a lawyer. With the right information, you can make the right decision for your future.

Personal injury lawyers

Nobody wants to be in an accident. Whether it’s a car accident, workplace accident, or a once in a lifetime bad luck accident, this is a situation that can carry a lot of stress. In addition to the pain and suffering that a victim incurs, they also face many financial struggles. This is like literally adding insult to injury. For some victims, they may face many hassles dealing with the insurance company. This is when they hire a personal injury attorney.

Personal injury attorneys and accident attorneys defend clients who have suffered from an unfortunate accident and need compensation. A common stereotype of these kinds of lawyers is that they are ambulance chasers. They are, however, a godsend for someone faced with this unfortunate situation. Personal injury attorneys look at the facts of the case. This will help them determine who is at fault. They will meet with the insurance company representatives and reach an agreement for the victim. When an agreement is not reached, they may have to bring the case to court. Because of the rising costs, uncertainty, and hassles, most cases will not end up in court. This is a good field to go into if you genuinely want to help people in their time of need. when thinking of the different types of lawyers to become, a personal injury attorney is a great option.

Workplace injury attorney

Not all accidents happen on the road. Workplace injuries are, unfortunately, an all too common problem. The risk of them is heightened if you work a blue-collar, physical labor job. They often happen because the employer failed to realize a problem in the workplace. When someone suffers an injury while on the job, they will want fair compensation. A key step in this process is hiring a workplace injury lawyer.

Workplace injury lawyers are similar to a personal injury attorney. They both defend someone who has been injured in an accident. The workplace injury lawyer is looking to deliver fair compensation and justice to a client who has been injured due to the employer’s negligence. These lawyers must conduct a great deal of research into the facts of the case. Many companies have policies and standards that protect them from liability. The attorney will look to see if something was ignored that lead to the accident.

A key defense in this situation is whether the employer had prior knowledge of a growing concern. If several workers spoke with management and told them of their concerns and the management failed to act on it, then they could be held liable. The key is deciding whether the accident could have been prevented if the employer acted quicker. In a list of the different types of lawyers to become, the workplace injury lawyer is ideal for someone who wants to fight for people who have been wronged.

Wrongful deaths

Losing a loved one is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences for any family. While death is inevitable, it is especially sorrowful when it could have been prevented. When someone has died due to the negligence or malpractice, then someone should be held accountable. A lawyer will defend the family in a lawful death lawsuit.

wrongful death law

Wrongful death law holds those who have caused this death accountable for their actions. While nothing can bring the person back, these lawsuits do ensure that justice is served, and the perpetrator is held accountable. When considering the different types of lawyers to become, it takes a special type of person to take on these cases. Compassion and empathy are at the forefront of these lawyers. They have to work with families who are often reeling and in mourning. It is important that you handle their case with the utmost sensitivity. The details of the case are often painful, so this profession is for someone who can handle these issues. You should consider exploring this legal field if you have a background in psychology or counseling.

Product liability law

We often see news stories about a product that has been recalled. Before products hit the market, they often go through a thorough testing and evaluation process. This is so the product is proven safe for the public to use. Despite all of the rigorous testing, sometimes products will fail after they are sold. The testing may not have been as in-depth as it should have been. The lack of adequate testing can have devastating consequences. When someone has been injured or fallen ill because of a faulty product, they will need to contact a product liability attorney.

Product liability attorneys defend clients that have been affected by a faulty or unsafe product. Someone interested in pursuing this career should be well-versed in industry testing standards. Delve into research about the various products and how they are tested. Consider studying past product liability lawsuits. See what went wrong with the product and why it malfunctioned. With this knowledge, you will be able to better defend these types of classes. This may not be a lawyer that the average person deals with on a normal basis, but it can be an interesting field. When considering the different types of lawyers to become, a product liability attorney is a unique and rewarding career.

Social Security lawyer

When considering the different types of lawyers to become, a social security attorney is a great option. Many enter the legal field because they have a calling to help people. They have a dream of fighting for the “little guy.” Those who live on social security are among the most vulnerable members of society. That, unfortunately, leaves them open to be taken advantage of.

social security attorney

Determining the eligibility for social security payments can be a tricky process. The attorney acts as an advocate for the potential client. They will review your case and guide you through the application process. Evidence must be collected in order to determine eligibility. This is one of the key duties for the social security attorney. After they compile the necessary information they can then present their case to the Social Security Association. They need to create a compelling case for their client. This is an ideal position for someone skilled at research, writing, and persuasive arguments.

Communication is also key for the social security lawyer. As they advocate for their clients, they need constant communication with the administration. The people tasked with evaluating these cases often face a large volume of applications. The lawyer should speak with them frequently so they can give updates to their clients about the status of their application. Unfortunately, many applications are denied. That is not, however, the end of the road. The social security attorney will then need to file an appeal with the administration. They will also defend the clients in all hearings. You will need to be skilled in public speaking as well. This can be a great legal career field to enter for someone who is adept at research, writing, and public speaking.

Family law

Family law is another field that many potential lawyers wish to enter into. When considering the different types of lawyers to become, family lawyers handle cases that involve family and household issues. Among these cases are adoptions, custody cases, and divorces. This is a career field with many highs and lows. Facilitating adoptions can be an especially rewarding experience. Cases that involve divorce and heated custody battles represent the lows of this position.

When discovering the different types of lawyers to become, family lawyers need to have thick skin. Many times, they will have to represent a parent or guardian in a custody battle. This can be an extremely distressing experience for all involved. A family lawyer will have to show empathy and compassion for their clients. They will be dealing with families at their lowest point. A thick skin and some understanding will go a long way in this type of law.

Another duty that family lawyers perform is the settling of wills and estates. Nobody wants to think of their impending death. At some point, however, people do need to take care of this endeavor. The lawyer will sit down with their client and help them devise a plan for their belongings. They will help their client decide what they want to do with their remaining assets and treasured items. The lawyer is there to act in their client’s best interests. They need to make sure that the person is in complete control of their mind and sense. There can also be some contention regarding the will and estate. Some family members may feel “left out” by the wishes of their loved ones. When meeting with their client it is vital that you make sure they reach the best possible conclusion for them. Depending on the circumstances of their family unit, some tough love may be in the cards. Many family members, who feel they have been wronged by the will, may bring forth a lawsuit. This is why documentation is important. this way, they can prove that they acted in the best wishes of the deceased. The settling of a will and estate is an incredibly trying time for all involved. Someone looking to practice this type of law will need a great deal of empathy in their personalities.

Criminal defense

As was mentioned before, the first image someone has of a lawyer is usually pictured in a courtroom. The type of lawyer pictured here is the criminal law attorney. There are two sides to the criminal law coin. One side handles the defense while the other is tasked with the prosecution. If this is one of the different types of lawyers to become for you, there are some important topics to take note of. Any criminal law lawyer should be well-versed in the rights of the accused.

Every criminal defendant is guaranteed their Miranda rights. These rights include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Those who cannot afford an attorney are assigned a public defender. They will also face the bail process. The eighth amendment of the constitution guarantees that the bail amount is reasonable and that they are not subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. The defendant will also face the bail process. Bail is used as a promise that the defendant will appear for their scheduled court date. Criminal defense attorneys will want their client out of jail so that they can work together on their defense. One such way to accomplish this is through the bail bond process. The lawyer should help guide their client through this situation and even recommend a bail bond service.

criminal law attorney

Unlike television, most criminal cases do not wind up in a courtroom. Many charges are eventually pleaded down. Holding a court case is a rather expensive and time-consuming process for all involved. If it does go to court, there is no guarantee that it will be successful. The defense attorney will help their client weigh all of their options as well as try to get charges dropped. They need to be knowledgeable in previous case law. They can argue how the precedent set in a previous case is relevant to their client’s charges. Someone pursuing this career field should be well-versed in research as well as persuasive arguments. When considering the different types of lawyers to become, this is one option that cannot be ignored.

Not everyone can be a lawyer. It takes many years of schooling and training to become a lawyer. For those answering this call, it can be a rewarding career choice. There are many different types of lawyers to become and someone looking at law school should find one that is right up their alley. With the right smarts, hard work, and dedication, you can find yourself at the top of a major law firm, practicing the law you wish.

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