Cannabis in 2022 Beating Drug Charges


Drug possession charges can be convoluted and confusing for those charged with them. With the laws surrounding marijuana use in the United States changing every week it seems, it can be hard to stay up-to-date with the current charges enforced. While drug possession charges can refer to drugs other than cannabis, drug attorneys still have many valuable pieces of advice to fighting and beating drug possession charges. This video outline some methods of fighting these charges from a real drug attorney.

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One of the main elements that the prosecutor needs to prove in your case is your identity. If there is a shadow of a doubt regarding if you were the one possessing the contraband materials, then there is a valid shot at evading the charges. The term “possession”also varies across states. If the defendant wasn’t alone, or exercised a lack of management with the contraband, this is a strong defense to bring up. Before pursuing drug possession charges, be sure to check out the laws regarding contraband in your state individually. Different states may require different possession defenses to be used in court.


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