Can I File a Civil Harassment Restraining Order?


Are you wondering if you can slap down a civil harassment restraining order? This guide offers tips if you’re in such a civil case. You might be the one asking for the restraining order (the petitioner) or against it (the respondent). You’ll learn how to get ready for a court hearing. Harassment can happen at work, school, or home.

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Now, getting one of these orders isn’t like ordering pizza. You can’t just pick up the phone and boom, it’s done. You’ve to go through a process. Ensure the harassment you’re dealing with fits the bill for this kind of order. The court only considers serious stuff like threats, stalking, and repeated annoying behavior. Also, actions that make you fear for your safety.

The court’s focus is on civil harassment and not violence. The judge decides if the order is necessary by looking at a few things. These include whether the other person had a good reason for what they did. For instance, a tenant telling their landlord about a leak wouldn’t be harassment.

You’ll need to gather evidence. It’s vital to show the court that this harassment is real, and it’s seriously messing with your life. That could mean saving those creepy texts, keeping records of unwanted visits, or getting witnesses to back you up. Once you’ve got your evidence lined up, it’s time to head to court. You’ll tell your side of the story, show your evidence, and explain why you needed that restraining order.

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