Behind The Divorce Rates In The United States


A palm beach county divorce lawyer is, unfortunately a highly sought after person, as divorce is all too common anywhere and everywhere in the United States, from the need for a Palm Beach county divorce lawyer to a divorce lawyer in New York to a divorce lawyer in Arkansas. If you are filing for divorce in Palm Beach, however, it is within your best interests to hire a local lawyer, however, as a Palm Beach county divorce lawyer will be far more likely to be up to date on all of the necessary legal proceedings for that area in particularly. But no matter what, whether you hire a Palm Beach county divorce lawyer or other, hiring a divorce law firm in order to get divorce help and legal guidance is hugely recommended and often even becomes a necessity in the majority of divorce cases.

Unfortunately, there are many causes why a couple, either one half of it or both, would seek a divorce, and these reasons will vary from couple to couple and marriage to marriage. For example, a woman is likely to be the one filing for the divorce in the first place, as statistics show that women file for more than half of all divorces just in the United States (around two thirds of the total number of divorces are initially filed by women). The reasons behind these filings are varied and some are more simple then others. Some people, it’s unfortunate but true, simply realize that they are not the best fit for each other and would be far happier if not involved in their current marriage. Others grow apart over the years, time changing them into very different people than they were when they first became a couple and later married. These divorces are often simple and without much contention and represent about twenty percent of all divorces. Uncontested divorce lawyers often have their work all but cut out for them and the divorce process, while often painful and emotionally draining regardless of the circumstances, will proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, there are some definable issues that have been directly linked to the divorce rates in the United States as any lawyer, including a Palm beach county divorce lawyer, could attest to. Infidelity, for example, is one clearly defined cause of divorce in all corners of the United States, accounting for around just over twenty one percent of divorces. This makes it by and large the main cause of divorce, and these divorces, particularly if the infidelity has been long lasting or there have been multiple instances of it over the years, are much more likely to be contentious on the side of the slighted party. While many couples will initially try to work out their marital problems in counseling and therapy before filing for divorce, many times this therapy will prove to be unsuccessful and a divorce will ultimately be sought.

Drinking and drug abuse both account for around ten percent of all divorces and those who dated for less than three years before getting engaged and married are as much as sixty percent more likely to eventually file for divorce when compared to couples who dated for longer periods of time before making the decision to get married and settle down.

Many of these divorces will also lead to custody cases – yet another reason to hire a Palm Beach county divorce lawyer if you live in the area. Custody disputes are best handled and most efficiently and painlessly dealt with when the proper mediation is there as well as the proper legal guidance. In fact, only around thirty percent of all custody cases are able to be adequately settled without any involvement from a third party outside of the former couple. A Palm Beach county divorce lawyer can help to provide fair and accurate representation, helping to settle custody issues without the involvement of a courtroom becoming necessary.

For many people, divorce is unfortunately inevitable. In the face of divorce it is important to get the proper legal representation as soon as possible.

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