4 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer While Seeking Custody


Throughout the United States, many couples are divorced each year. In fact, statistics show that 41% of first marriages will end in divorce. Throughout many of these divorce proceedings, children will be involved. Over one million people have parents that either separate or divorce each year in the United States. Considering that, many separated couples with children finding themselves dealing with the matter of child custody. With that in mind, here are four reasons to have a divorce lawyer during a divorce with children involved.

  • Help Finding Middle Ground Between Two Parties

    Unfortunately, it’s rare that marriages end amicably between two people. In many cases, one party will want to have as much as they can get. This can lead to understandably tense and stressful situations. Without some kind of mediation, it’s likely to get increasingly heated between you and the other party. Therefore, a divorce lawyer often proofs to be immensely valuable while two parties try to agree on divorce proceedings going forward.
  • Assistance in Proving Your Worth as a Parent

    If you’re unable to agree with the other party on matters relating to custody, it’s definitely wise to have a divorce lawyer on your side. The divorce process often slows down while child custody is being discussed. If things get intense, the other party might try to argue that you’re an unfit parent. In turn, a lawyer can help prepare evidence and witnesses that prove the opposite to be true.
  • Especially Beneficial for Complex Custody Situations

    Certain divorce proceedings can become increasingly complex. During these times, you’ll want someone on your side that understands the law. For instance, international custody disputes can become increasingly complex. International custody disputes often involve dealing with the laws of multiple countries, something a legal representative should handle for you.
  • Ensuring the Divorce Process Ends Quickly

    Statistics show that the average duration of divorce proceedings throughout the United States is one year. A divorce is an understandably tough time for anyone to go through, especially those with children. If you want your divorce to be over as quickly as possible, hire a lawyer. The other party will likely have legal representation, this helps to ensure that you’re prepared before divorce proceedings begin.

In conclusion, there are several reasons to have a lawyer on your side during a divorce with children involved. A lawyer can help ensure that you’ve got someone on your side with legal knowledge of divorce proceedings. In addition, a lawyer is especially beneficial while dealing with more complex divorce matters including international custody disputes. If either party in your marriage is ready for it to end, contact a divorce lawyer right away.

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