Personal Injury and You When To Consult a Lawyer


Motor vehicle accidents

Accidents can happen when we least expect them to, causing injury and sometimes the tragic loss of life. Accidents can uproot lives and families, shaking the foundations of the victims lives. But personal injury attorneys can help put the pieces back together. Personal injury attorneys can help the victims find what compensation they may be owed and, more than that, find peace in what has happened through retribution. A personal injury law firm lets the victim know that they don’t have to go it alone, providing essential support and guidance through a personal injury case.

Personal injury attorneys specialize in a number of common types of personal injury cases. First, motor vehicle accidents make up a large percentage of personal injury cases. Because of things like drunk and distracted driving, victims of motor vehicle accidents are often entitled compensation. Unfortunately, one driver is usually at fault in the case of a car accident, but it can be hard to navigate such unknown waters without the guidance of a personal injury lawyer. This is, unfortunately, not an uncommon predicament. Almost 40,000 residents of the United States die in a motor vehicle accident in just one year alone, with more than half of these deaths occurring to adults aged 15 to 44 (classified as young adults). Motorcyclists are also victims of these unfortunate fatalities, making up 14% of traffic fatalities, accumulating in about 88,000 deaths (though, fortunately, this is down 4% from 2013). Drunk driving accounts for many of these accidents and their fatalities, both in cars and motorcycles alike. In 2015 alone, over one million drivers were pulled over and found to be under the influence. Drugs, whether legal or illegal, have been found to be involved in over 15% of motor vehicle crashes. And driving under the influence isn’t the only thing that leads to motor vehicle accidents – distracted driving is another huge culprit. When drivers are distracted, they are much less likely to pay attention to the road and other drivers and are, therefore, more likely to get into crashes. And distracted driving is, unfortunately, on the rise. Cell phones are more popular than ever though, fortunately, campaigns against distracted driving have begun to show a positive impact on road safety.

No matter what the type of accident, personal injury attorneys can help victims receive the compensation and closure that they so very much deserve.

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