Lawyers Are Not Always the Bad Guy


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If you are making the decision to get a divorce, you are not alone. Every 13 seconds, a couple in the U.S. files for divorce. This means that divorce lawyers are constantly at work, getting paperwork ready for their clients to sign. Families have to settle the division of property and who takes charge of the children. In many cases, mothers are awarded custody, but 17 percent of men who are divorced are single fathers and have full custody of their children. The divorce process takes time and involved numerous meetings between you, your spouse and the attorney. It can also involve several fees such as refinancing, mediation, court costs, and more depending on your situation.

Finding a good divorce lawyer can be the key to getting your divorce finalized quickly and efficiently. Do a search online to see what other clients have said about law firms in your area. Many firms have family court lawyers, child custody attorneys, and other professionals that specialize in litigation. Ask these firms how much a divorce lawyer costs and determine if you want a separate lawyer from your spouse. Many of these attorneys work with people through multiple marriages. Almost 75 percent of third marriages fail and second marriages result in only a slightly lower percentage. Despite this percentage, many people decide to remarry, and typically wait about three years after their divorce to do so.

Most marriages that end in divorce last at least eight years and getting a divorce can stretch the marriage out depending the process you choose. Some people opt to go through mediation which can be faster than dealing with divorce court. Local courts can be booked and finding court dates can take up to a month. If you and your spouse are considering litigation, it could take your divorce several months, or even years to get your divorce finalized. In any case, finding a divorce lawyer that can work with you and your family to make the process easier is worth the search. Know what to ask a divorce lawyer, how much they charge, and if they specialize in processes such as litigation. Knowing how to choose a divorce lawyer that fits your needs can save you time and money.

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