Day: January 28, 2013

Criminal defense attorney houston
Defense attorney houston
Houston criminal attorney

Why Should You Seek Out Criminal Attorneys In Houston?

A study conducted by the FBI has shown that Texas is the second state within the nation when it comes to violent crimes, ranking in just behind California. While this can mean that individuals should take caution when it comes to day to day living within Texas, it also can mean that help is available […]

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Social security attorneys
Social security disability
Social security disability lawyer

69 percent Of Social Security Benefit Recipients In Florida Are Retired, And Veterans Lawyers Can Help Former Service Members Collect Benefits As Well

33 percent of Floridians age 65 or older have Social Security benefits reported as their sole source of income. That relatively high number of people relying on a Social Security benefit in order to make it from month to month keep local Social security attorneys very busy. A Social Security disability attorney is able to […]

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