What to do in the Case of a Wage Garnishment


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If you or someone you know has received letters from the IRS and or has a wage garnishment, levy, or lien brought against them, then contacting a wage garnishment lawyer is certainly the best option. Wage garnishment is when an employer is required to withhold parts of an employees pay to go towards a debt of some sort that has been accrued by said employee. A levy is the seizing of property by the IRS to pay off a debt, and a lien is a form of interest placed on an item to secure payment of a debt. All of these are actions the IRS can take against you if you owe them money, and they are all actions that a garnishment lawyer can help you sort out and create a plan to resolve.

A garnishment attorney can help in these situations by offering you options. A garnishment lawyer will generally begin by setting up an investigation of your tax liabilities, and to step between you and the IRS to either help eliminate or prevent the placement of wage garnishes, levies, or liens. A garnishment lawyer will then help you create a solution that is customized to your needs to help you resolve your financial issues.

Many firms who offer the services of garnishment lawyers offer negotiators who are licensed tax attorneys, as well as zero percent interest payment plans.

Not contacting an IRS wage garnishment lawyer will only make your situation worse. If you receive letters from the IRS about wage garnishment and do not contact a garnishment lawyer, you are losing the potential to stop the garnishment and preserve your wages. You also will be losing the help of professionals in setting up a plan to resolve the issues that caused the garnishment to be put in place to begin with. Overall, if you have been contacted by the IRS regarding a levy, lien, or garnishment, your best option is to contact a garnishment lawyer. More like this blog: garnishmentlawyer.org

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