Understanding Civil Harassment Restraining Orders


This video discusses what how to take the first step to file a civil harassment restraining order. It explains what to do if someone is stalking, threatening, or abusing you. If someone intimidates or scares you, you may want to consider a civil harassment restraining order.

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A civil harassment restraining order is different than a domestic violence restraining order because they do not include a family member or someone with whom you have a close personal relationship. A civil harassment restraining order can be filed against abusive neighbors, acquaintances, or members of the general public. To file a restraining order, you must file the correct documents with a local court judge. A judge may be able to issue a temporary restraining order and then set another court date. At the next court date, the other party will be allowed to defend themselves. If the judge decides in favor of the victim, they may issue a permanent restraining order to provide further protection. If you need help filing a civil harassment restraining order, contact an experienced attorney in your local area.

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