The History of Law


Law has been a crucial part of society for thousands of years. The early versions of the law might be very different than what we have today, but they still set the foundation. In this article, we are going to look at the history of law in human society.

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Hammurabi’s code is one of the earliest examples of law. There were 282 different laws found in Hammurabi’s code. Each of the laws not only stated what you couldn’t do, but they also presented the punishments that you would receive from each law.

A lot of the law as we see it today can be derived from this code. There were many different types of law that were present. A couple of examples are family law and common law.

The old testament also has another set of laws throughout. Something that is interesting about the old testament is that there are a lot of similarities between it and Hammurabi’s code. This is interesting because it shows that Hammurabi’s code was a huge inspiration for different sets of laws throughout history.

Overall, Hammurabi’s code set the basis for human law throughout history. Who knows what the law would look like today without this code.


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