Should I Go to Law School? A Legal Magazine Might Give You an Answer


Legal times magazine

Legal affairs magazines, legal business magazines and legal times magazines are examples of some publications of a particular interest for those in the legal profession. Legal magazines can cover a wide variety of issues. For example, they might host a forum on recent Supreme Court decisions. Otherwise, they might draw attention to shifting legal thinking in certain spheres of corporate or environmental law.

Legal magazines can go a long way toward ensuring that people are well informed as to what is happening in the corporate world and elsewhere, but one of the hottest topics for legal magazines these days is the reformation of law schools. With shrinking enrollments, it is probably time for many law schools to decrease their operations.

However another thing to keep in mind is that law schools will have to do more to compete for students, as enrollment in law school continues to fall. There are many things about law school that are beginning to change. For one thing, going to law school no longer guarantees a place in the middle class. Some legal magazines will be slow to acknowledge this.

One thing that can be said, however, is that law schools are going to have to start rethinking their mission and they will probably have to do more to ensure that their students are employed. Using legal magazines to inform students about the law schools that are hiring is one way of doing this. Legal magazines can also adapt their content to people who want to know this information.

However, for the moment people just need to decide whether or not it is worth going to law school in the first place. Legal magazines might be able to shed light for people who are asking these questions. They are going to be the questions that recent college graduates will be asking for years ahead and there is no single answer for two people.

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