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Legal matters can be incredibly confusing for the average person, yet we’ll all need legal help at some point in our lives, whether it’s for things as average as drawing up a last will and testimony, estate planning, or getting a divorce or things as complicated as seeking recourse for being a victim of fraud, workers’ compensation, DUI offenses, or criminal defense. Legal assistance can help make all of these matters much easier to navigate and can even be to your benefit. With a lawyer, all your legal questions will be answered, you’ll have the assurance of legal protection, and you can rest assured that everything is being handled appropriately and efficiently. It’s not difficult to find competent lawyers these days — indeed the ABA released a Legal Technology Survey Report in 2010 that showed that over half of lawyers were in solo practices and over 80% who worked in offices with two to nine lawyers had websites.
How Can I Find Legal Assistance?
Obviously the best way to find legal assistance to engage the services of a lawyer for the specific issue you need help with — from divorce, to DUI defense, to estate planning, a lawyer can help you do it all. Looking a lawyer’s website is one good way to get information about the lawyer and his or her services, as well as a good place to review testimonies and successful cases they’ve won. A Harris Poll showed that almost 45% of people were likely to check a lawyer’s website for information.
If you have questions that you think might be easily answered without fully engaging a lawyer, but still require legal assistance, there are also websites that engage lawyers to answer questions posed by the public. About half of Harris Poll respondents were inclined to check websites where they could ask legal questions that lawyers can answer.
Why Is It Important to Seek Out Legal Advice?
For one thing, you want to be sure that any important documents or contracts are legally binding and correct — otherwise, in dire circumstances, what you’ve drawn up might not apply. For example, if your will or estate planning documents aren’t properly assembled, they can more easily be disputed when you pass and it can turn nasty.
For more complicated situations like contested divorces (especially where child custody is concerned) or trying to reduce a DUI charge, you definitely want a lawyer on your side. There are too many loopholes and steps that you need to be aware of to try and undertake it by yourself, especially if the other party has legal assistance on their side.
Engaging legal services also ensures that you’re not making any legal blunders yourself. In tricky legal situations, it’s important to follow the letter of the law yourself and that often means turning to a lawyer for guidance. A lawyer can also present all your options at once and give you a clearer view of what to expect upfront.
What If I Can’t Afford to Hire Legal Assistance?
As mentioned previously, if your legal situation isn’t too complex or serious, turning to third-party websites that allow you to ask questions that lawyers can answer is one way to find the answers you seek. However, in other cases, most states have a bar that offers free or inexpensive legal services for those who are not in a financial place to hire a lawyer.
Legal hotlines that can point you to referrals, legal information, or free advice, free 30-minute consultations with volunteer lawyers, and websites provided by the state’s bar may also be available to those without the means to hire a lawyer full-time. Referrals There are definitely alternatives if you can’t afford a lawyer, so don’t despair! An Internet search for legal resources in your area will almost certainly yield results.
Like it or not, the chances are high that you’ll need legal assistance at some point during your life. If you’re in a low-income bracket, there are resources available for you to use, should you need legal services. It’s always a good idea to have legal protection, regardless of your situation.

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