Football Sunday Safe Driving Tips


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For some people, the beginning of football season is the best time of the year ? beers, buffalo wings, and a whole lot of hope that this year will be your year. Unfortunately, with all the fun and excitement comes the frustration of heavy traffic as sports fans commute to and from the games and from bar to bar with friends. And where there?s traffic, there is the risk of car accidents. This danger can be exacerbated by the Sunday football tradition of consuming beers while tailgating or cheering from your local barstool.

Personal injury attorneys know that football Sundays can be notorious for drunk driving accidents. So, to avoid injury from a car accident, here are a few safe driving tips to keep in mind while traveling in traffic and pedestrian-heavy areas.

  • As always, obey posted speed limits and driving laws. Also, keep in mind that on game days in cities with an NFL or big college team, speed limits are subject to change in order to account for the expected traffic.
  • Never stop in the middle of your lane to drop off or pick up passengers. Only do this in designated spots.
  • Keep an eye out for pedestrians near and in the roadway. There will be a lot of foot traffic on game days, including people crossing streets to hop from bar to bar.
  • Drive slowly in parking lots and watch out for vehicles pulling out of parking spaces.
  • Avoid distractions. As always, never text and drive.
  • Report suspicious activity to authorities. Remember that football games are often considered opportunities to socialize and consume alcohol. Drunk driving is not just dangerous, it is also illegal and drunk drivers face serious legal consequences. If you think you see someone driving while intoxicated, call the police.

If you are hurt in a car, make sure to contact your personal injury attorneys. If you were not at fault, you may be eligible for compensation for your medical bills. If you have any questions or need more car accident legal advice, feel free to post in the comments section below.

Football season should be fun for everyone. Don’t put yourself or anyone else in danger.
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