It Is Unfortunate, but You May Need a Family Lawyer


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Sometimes marriages must come to an end. There are times when they do not end amicably either. This is unfortunate, but must be acknowledged, as one out of three marriages still end in divorce. While that is down from the one out of two from 30 years ago, it is still enough to necessitate lawyers specializing in divorce. And as travel is made easier, and nations are mixing more and more, international family law is actually becoming more prevalent than it ever has been.

If you find yourself in need of a family lawyer, do not simply go to the first one you find. Do your research. Know what you need out of the lawyer. And know what to ask her before you hire.

  • Hire an Attorney
  • Hiring a lawyer may seem as simple as picking a name out of the yellow pages or doing a simple Google search, but you should certainly be more discerning than that. When going in to meet with a potential lawyer, regardless of the law that you need practiced, you should have a list of questions that you should be asking in order to determine how experienced and knowledgeable they are in their area of expertise and training.

  • Family Law Specialists
  • If you need to begin divorce proceedings, you are certainly going to want to talk to a divorce lawyer, or a family lawyer when children are involved. You will want to know their track record. They obviously cannot give client names, but they can certainly give you a general idea of their successes. You should ask if the attorney knows the family court judge in the area, and if they have a report with that judge. You should ask if your prospective lawyer knows your spouse’s lawyer, if they have ever worked against each other before, or if your potential lawyer even knows your spouse. All of these should factor into your decision.

  • International Family Law
  • International family law is becoming more prevalent as people from multiple nations are intermarrying. Even if they just get married in one nation, as opposed to both, international family law comes into play for such things as international divorce representation, international child visitation and custody, and even international prenuptial agreement. Family law can be messy enough as it is, but when it is two nationalities hashing things out, it can be even harder to determine what goes where and who gets what.

It may be unfortunate that you are going through a divorce, or it may be the best thing that ever happened to your marriage. As long as you get the best lawyer to represent you and your side of the case, you are doing what is best for you in the splitting of the marriage and the assets.

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