How to Plan the Perfect Law Fair


Looking for tips to host a great legal fair? The right fair can leave positive impressions, but a poorly managed event could reflect poorly on you or your organization. It’s crucial to get the basics right, like setting up catering or finding a fantastic event venue. If you’re hosting the law fair outside, you may also be in need of specific services, like a porta potty rental in Lansing, MI.

Law fairs provide the space and opportunity for legal firms, law schools, lawyers, law students, and other stakeholders to interact with one another. If you’re managing a smaller legal company, you may not have tons of quality applicants applying for positions, for example.

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The problem may not be a lack of interest, but instead that law students and practicing attorneys may simply not know about opportunities.

It’s important to invite relevant stakeholders and to let them know what they should expect, and also how they may benefit. If the event is outside, it’s smart to make that clear so that people can plan appropriately. Someone may need to wear sunscreen or might be wondering if porta potties and other basic facilities will be on hand, for example.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may want to contact a local events company or consultant. These professionals can provide advice that may help you take your law fair to the next level.


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