Designing Your Law Firm Website


This video provides some insight to people who want to know what the appropriate attorney website design is. The speaker recommends that an attorney’s website be simple and easy for people to understand when they visit. He uses the acronym K.I.S.S. for “keep it simple stupid.” Visitors come to an attorney’s website for information.

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They don’t necessarily need to see all the bells and whistles.

More often than not, prospective clients will leave if they have to deal with too much extra stuff. Thus, it’s best to keep the website easily navigatable. Visitors should not have to hunt for the information they seek. Instead, the most important information on the site should be front and center.

The other tip is to focus on the output for the web designer. The videos, content, and pictures have to be of top quality, or the final result will not be a good one. The web designer can only be so effective with the material the client gives him or her.

Another tip the speaker gives is to spend some real money on the project. He recommends spending at least $10,000 on an attorney’s website. The speaker gives many more helpful tips in the video for people who need a website design.

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