Attorneys 101: What are the Different Areas of Law?


From criminal defense lawyers on true crime shows to personal injury attorneys on billboards on your commute to work, you’ve probably seen lawyers who practice in different areas of law in your everyday life like truck accident attorneys. Even if you know about some laws, you may not be well versed in all areas of law. According to the video “DIFFERENT TYPES OF LAWYERS AND PRACTICE AREAS OF LAW,” the typical areas of law include corporate law, bankruptcy law, civil law, civil rights law, criminal law, entertainment law, intellectual property law, family law, environmental law, labor and employment law, personal injury law, tax law, real estate law, banking and finance law, estate planning law, and immigration law.

Although it might seem like attorneys who specialize in specific areas of law like truck accident attorneys practice in their own area of law, they actually are practicing under a broader one. In cases involving a truck accident, personal injury lawyers may advocate for the best interests of the individual who was injured while criminal defense attorneys may work to defend the party who caused the injuries.

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Some lawyers may work in one area of law and transition to another one as their career progresses while others may stick with one specialized area of law for their entire career.


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