Want to Get Your Money, But Aren’t Looking Forward to a Trial?


Average personal injury settlement amounts

How successful do you think personal injury lawsuit settlements are generally? Fairly successful, actually, as about 96% of all personal injury cases actually reach a settlement during pretrial. So if you or someone you know have recently experienced medical malpractice, been in a car crash, or had a bad fall at work, the chances of your case ending well are high. Wondering what to look for in a law firm? Read below for the right characteristics and questions to ask.

Doctors Should Do No Harm, Ever. Here’s How to Recuperate When They Do.

We want to trust our doctors. We want to, but the simple fact is that doctors are not infallible, but rather humans that occasionally make mistakes just like everyone else does. The trouble with a mistake on your doctor’s part is that it could seriously harm you.

Most doctors are wary of malpractice suits, and they handle this fear by having patients sign an arbitration clause. Essentially, the clause is an agreement that should the doctor accidentally cause harm to their patient, that the resulting case will be settled not in the courtroom but in arbitration. That does not mean that lawyers.com/tennessee/tennessee-statutes-of-limitations.html” Title=”Memphis personal injury lawyer, Motorcycle accident lawyer”>personal injury lawyers are pointless in an arbitration case. If fact, they are more likely to help you get the retribution you deserve, even in pretrial personal injury lawsuit settlements.

Drinking And Driving Don’t Mix: Save Your Despair and Do These Two Things Instead.

Did you get behind the wheel after having a few drinks? About 300,000 people do just that every day, but only about 4,000 of them are actually arrested for it. Even with those odds, driving while under the influence is highly irresponsible. If you are caught, the task is to minimize the damage, and then to prove you can be trusted again.

The best way to begin fixing a drunk driving charge is to know the ins and outs of the law. For example, did you know that the case could be dismissed if there was not probable cause to pull you over? Or if the evidence was inappropriately gathered? Now, if the case moves forward and you do receive a sentence, you’ll want to convince the Department of Motor Vehicles that you have learned your lesson and can be a responsible driver again. This is done by taking a class at the DMV, installing an inebriation device in your vehicle, or by attending AA meetings, if applicable.

Work Is Never Fun, But Not Returning to Work Because Of an Injury Is Worse.

A slip, fall, or other injury that results from something that happened at your job can be stressful for many reasons. You might be required to take time off work to recuperate. Or perhaps you’re not being paid for your time off, and you’re in pain. A work related injury is a headache in and of itself because at times you may be required to prove that while you were following protocol, you were injured and your company needs to pay for your medical bills.

If any of the above scenarios have happened to yourself or someone you know, a personal injury lawyer might be a good idea to look into. Personal injury lawsuit settlements rarely go to trial, at about a 4% rate. While it may seem like a terrible expense on the surface, a good lawyer maybe able to help their client get all that they deserve, and at the least, help them minimize damage. Look for a lawyer with a history of cases similar to yours, who asks questions about details from every step of the way, and who will listen to your concerns.

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