Five Tips to Remember When Pulled Over for a DUI


lawyerAn average drunk driver has operated a vehicle under the influence 80 times before first being arrested. If you continue to break the law, chances are, a police officer will eventually catch you. People drive drunk about 300,000 times a day, but fewer than 4,000 of those people are arrested. If you find yourself in the unlucky situation of being pulled over for a DUI, you must follow these tips.

  1. Be Respectful

    No matter how you feel about the situation you are now in, don’t be disrespectful. No matter how angry you feel, do not show any signs that you are being uncooperative. Showing aggression could be interpreted as resisting or not following an officer’s commands. If you are told to step out of the vehicle, go ahead and get out of the car. There is testing that you can refuse, which we will get into, but not the previously mentioned basic commands. A DUI conviction can cost upwards of $20,000 or more, don’t let your attitude start you off on a bad foot.

  2. Have All Required Documentation Ready
    You don’t want to be fumbling around your car when an officer is nearby. A police officer is always on high alert. Your sudden movements to find vehicle information can be misinterpreted as you reaching for, perhaps, a weapon. It’s best to have the required license and registration documents close to you before the officer reaches your window. Unless asked to fetch something by the officer, placing your hands firmly on the steering wheel is the best thing to do.
  3. Never Lie to the Officer

    Police have many tools at their disposal, most of which are made to verify information. Always tell the truth to any questions that you are asked. If an officer catches you in a lie, it will only hurt your case. Be prepared for a wide variety of questions, and no matter how incriminating, you must always be truthful. There are instances where an officer can be more lenient if it is suspected that you are not lying. However, an officer will always come down harder on your situation if you get caught in a lie.

  4. You Don’t Have to Complete Field Sobriety Tests

    Though it’s not commonly known, you do have the right to refuse a breathalyzer and field sobriety test. A breathalyzer is a device that you breathe into, measuring your intoxication level. Field sobriety tests are ones that are performed by a law enforcement officer. Field tests can range in what you’ll do but it usually involves a number of mental and/or physical challenges. What is most important to remember is that field sobriety tests are graded by the officer, at their sole discretion, based on how they feel you’ve done. If taken into the police station to be booked, you will have to submit a chemical test.

  5. Call A Lawyer

    Out of every tip on this list, the most important one is that you contact a lawyer upon release. Call a team of professionals that know what to do when you are charged with DUI. You don’t want to leave it up to chance when it comes time to defend your case. DUI penalties are known to be severe, and our criminal defense law firm will fight by your side and do everything to properly defend your case. A lawyer is the best person to have in your corner after dealing with a DUI arrest.

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