12 Different Kinds of Lawyers You May Need at Some Point


A country’s laws are set to protect its citizens from any harm and to standardize whatever activities the country is involved in. Laws also regulate how certain activities are performed in various jurisdictions. To practice law you have to be a sworn-in and get a license. Different types of lawyers handle different types of matters because they are well-versed in what the Constitution expects of those matters. Here are 12 different types of lawyers to hire whenever you get stuck in their respective subject matters:

1. Workers Compensation

Different workplaces present different sets of risks and you must understand the types of risks that you are expected to handle without your employer’s help. For example, your health is your responsibility but any kind of health complications brought by your workplace environment is your employer’s responsibility. Any risks that might arise from work should be stated in the terms and conditions of being an employee and should come with the employment contract. Signing the employment agreement indicates that you agree with the terms presented to you.

In industrial areas, many accidents are bound to happen. That is why if any accidents happen while you are at work, it is important to know if you as a victim of serious injury can be assured that your injury clinic bill will be settled by your employer. In other cases, for example during a pandemic or economic recession, many layoffs occur and people lose jobs so if you are affected it is paramount that you find out if you qualify for any kind of compensation.

Apart from the mentioned ones, any case that deals with remissions from work should be handled by a workers compensation lawyer who will go over your employment contract to determine if you qualify for compensation. They are the right types of lawyers to hire to represent you until you get your worker’s compensation. In case you like to be safe from the start, only apply for job positions in companies that have been insured and take safety standards seriously.

2. Disability

Disability is not inability and everyone should be allowed to take part in an economic activity even if they are disabled. People with disabilities have rights protecting them and laws that ensure fair treatment is given to them. However, just like every other citizen there are people with disabilities who get denied their rights and therefore defending them is essential.

The Bureau Development Disability Services (BDDS) provides services for individuals with developmental disabilities that enable them to live independently in society. They are responsible for determining who is in need of their services and follow up to see if the individuals are receiving the care they need. If you are a person with a disability or are a guardian to one, you should let a disability lawyer handle the application and follow-up processes to ensure that you or the person under your care is well-treated. Disability lawyers are the right type of lawyers to hire if you need disability services to be channeled to the rightful people.

3. Criminal

In any court case, everyone charged with an offense is a suspect until declared otherwise by a judge. A Criminal defense lawyer is the right type of lawyer to hire if you are deemed a suspect in a case. They will go over your case and determine the best way to move forward.

For every crime committed and reported to the authorities, there is usually an investigation taking place. During the investigation, forensic investigators collect evidence from the crime scene and determine when the place is no longer a crime scene. If your place of residence or business facility is being held up as a crime scene for no good reason, you should find experienced criminal lawyers to file for a crime scene cleanup. Professional cleaners will mitigate the issue and you can have your building back.

4. Real Estate

Real estate is a very tricky business niche and the laws surrounding it are quite a ball of wire but the right real estate lawyer can help you around your issues in no time. Real estate is riddled with a lot of financial aspects and variables but if you find the right types of lawyers to hire then they will explain to you what every aspect means and how you should handle them. Your real estate will always be an appreciating asset so investing to keep it on the right side of the law is good for it.

If you are putting up your house on a home listing, it is crucial that you involve your real estate lawyers so that they can advise you along your sales journey. They will tell you about other professionals you could involve so as to successfully sell your house. If you have commercial real estate, involve your commercial real estate lawyers before making any financial decisions regarding the property.

5. Family

Families can be unpredictable sometimes. Things could get a little complicated eventually leading to breakups. According to the law, there are certain financial and parental aspects that must be discussed when a divorce occurs.

Family cases are usually bumpy so you might want to get an experienced driver for the rodeo. The right types of lawyers to hire to represent you in family matters are family lawyers. Apart from divorce, family lawyers are trained to handle other family relationship matters such as child custody and adoption.

You might be required to share personal information with your attorney. A professional family lawyer would keep your information secret and other attorney-client privilege. This protects him from sharing information about you which you asked him not to.

6. Estate Planning

So you have worked hard your whole life and you feel you have left enough behind for your upcoming generations. Your estate is so vast that you need to divide it up so you know how to share it among your dependents. The right types of lawyers to hire for this job would be estate planning lawyers. They help to plan and manage estates and wills until the beneficiaries get their shares.

According to the law, if a person dies and leaves behind a will, the authorities have to ensure that all the person’s estate is treated as their will states. Your estate planning lawyers will help you write up your will before you die to protect your upcoming generations from being stolen from. Family lawyers can also handle probate cases in case someone challenges a will’s credibility.

7. Employment

Once you get employed you work hard to keep your employment as it is your source of livelihood. It is your right to get employed, be treated fairly at your workplace, and get fair wages as stipulated in your employment contract. Sometimes this may not always be the case and you need to find ways to make it right.

Employment cases can be handled by employment lawyers. They are the right types of lawyers to hire if you are dealing with workplace issues such as workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, and labor disputes. Be careful that what you are suing for isn’t included in your employment contract. Once you sign an employment contract you have, before the eyes of the law, agreed to do everything stated in it.

8. Corporate

The corporate world is very volatile and the games played by top corporate companies require involved shareholders to be sharp and laser-focused. Corporate firms are always looking to make as much money as they can in every situation that arises. Battle for customers is always at the helm of every corporation and it is best to stay focused on that and leave legal matters to the attorneys.

If you are in the corporate world the right types of lawyers to hire to oversee your legal procedures and paperwork are corporate lawyers. They will handle everything that requires legal coverage including governance, contracts, mergers, and acquisitions.

This leaves you to focus on your core business as your lawyers find ways to keep you out of trouble with the law. Before making decisions where other parties might be affected it is best to consult with your corporate lawyers to find out if you are making the right choices.

9. Intellectual Property

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), intellectual property refers to creations of the mind such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; symbols, names, and images used in commerce. Generally, Intellectual Property is protected in law through copyrights, patents, trademarks, and rights. They give innovators and creators the ability to earn financially and get recognition for their inventions and creations.

Intellectual Property lawyers are the right types of lawyers to hire to help you mitigate cases involving Intellectual Property. They should also be used when one is trying to obtain any legal document to make a property legally theirs. These types of lawyers ensure that your intellectual property is protected against theft and that perpetrators face the law.

10. Bankruptcy

A business or a person can file for bankruptcy to declare that they have no financial capabilities to pay their debts. This is a very tricky legal process and any minor details could open up a pile of lawsuits against you or your company. If done right, you could get a fresh start and become voluntarily bankrupt or create a new repayment plan.

A bankruptcy lawyer can help you file for bankruptcy. They are aware of the Bankruptcy Code and know exactly when to file for bankruptcy. They understand the different types of bankruptcy including individual and business bankruptcy and will help you determine the correct one to petition in your case. They can also help you manage your debts if you decide to create a new repayment plan.

11. Tax

Tax is one of the greatest income earners for any government in the world. The government facilitates the collection of taxes and all patriotic citizens are expected to pay to keep the economy booming. Failure to pay gets you into trouble with the government’s delegated tax collection body. In the U.S., the Internal Revenue S collects tax for the government.

If you face issues with tax payments you should contact a tax attorney to help you cover all the bases of tax collection. Whether you are dealing with tax issues as an individual or a business, this type of lawyer will advise you on tax planning, help you get on the right side of authorities, and help you prove you are innocent of tax fraud. They can also advise on lawful ways of reducing the amount of tax you pay.

12. Medical Malpractice

Medical information disclosed by patients in the U.S. is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. Information shared by a patient to a doctor has to be kept safely and the doctor is not allowed to share that information without the patient’s consent. If a doctor discloses the information to unauthorized personnel then they are open to litigation liabilities.

Unlawful disclosure of a patient’s medical record is just one form of malpractice but there are other medical malpractices such as performing surgery without a patient’s or their next of kin’s consent and ignoring a patient’s wishes such as a Do Not Resuscitate order. If a hospital goes against your medical wishes or a doctor knowingly causes harm to you, medical malpractice lawyers are the right lawyers to hire to take care of your lawsuit against the hospital. Medical malpractice lawyers are the right types of lawyers to hire to tell you if you can take legal action against a doctor and the right way to do so. Some doctors go against their patients’ wishes thinking they are doing the right thing forgetting that the patient has a right to determine their medical care options.

A good lawyer helps people and businesses achieve desired results in legal matters. Finding the right types of lawyers to hire is crucial if you want to win any case in court. The right type of lawyer is determined by the title they have and the field they specialize in. Also known as attorneys, lawyers have knowledge of the country’s constitution and can offer advice that will help you avoid being on the right side of the law, whether you are an individual or a business. Always ensure that the lawyer you hire is licensed and has the experience and determination to see you through your legal issues.

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