The Five Little-Known Facts About Divorce


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In American society, divorce occurs within every economic class and racial demographic. Divorce is one legal issue that does not discriminate. However, it remains a complex issue that many people initiate without understanding. They end up missing details that can cost them a great deal of money or even the custody of their children. Divorce lawyers sometimes have a bad reputation, but that is hardly surprising considering the emotional states of the people involved. However, these five little-known facts about divorce might persuade you to set any stereotypes aside.

  1. Alimony is not just for women: In previous years, when a couple parted ways, if alimony was granted, it did not need to be said that the wife was the recipient. Times have changed, however, and in those cases where a woman makes more than her husband, he could be entitled to alimony.
  2. Divorce takes a lot longer than you may think: People with no immediate family or close friends who have been through a divorce often get the idea that it will be over in a few weeks or months. On the contrary, the average divorce proceeding takes approximately a year to complete.
  3. Most divorces are not mutual decisions: Most cases of divorce are unilateral, which means only one person wants it to happen. That is an emotionally volatile situation already, at which point financial decisions must be made. In those cases where a spouse gets vindictive, it is best to have someone that knows the law on your side.
  4. Divorce costs more than some people make a year: The average price tag for a divorce ranges anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000. Without an attorney, you will never know if it could have cost you less.
  5. Mediated divorces are better for both parties: In those cases where a couple had a mediated divorce, over 66% were satisfied with the outcome. Letting an objective outsider step in during this time is the wisest choice.

Not every legal issue requires an attorney, but divorce truly does in most situations. Neglecting to call an attorney for your divorce could be the most expensive mistake you ever make, so make the call today.

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