The Case For Contributing to a Legal Business Magazine


Legal magazine

Writing for a legal business magazine can be just the right thing for your personal career, and your firm at large. Not only is it a wonderful way to demonstrate your legal prowess to your colleagues and clients, but it is a means of marketing yourself and your firm. Legal magazines are widely read by those in the market for an attorney, and with empirical evidence before them, people are much more likely to choose you as their attorney than as a result of mere word of mouth, or television ads.

Publishing in a legal business magazine, even if just once a month, is one of the most effective ways to market yourself. One article per month in a legal affairs magazine could mean gaining 25 extra clients that month, which otherwise would not have so much as heard your name. To write in a legal times magazine is to gain clients and prove your exceptional command of the law, as well as your specific niche.

Many attorneys do not choose to write for a legal business magazine due to time constraints. Lawyers often lament about not having enough time for their personal lives as it is, due to the amount of time and effort each individual client requires. Consider, however, the idea of promoting (if not yourself) your firm. The more clients your firm caters to, the more money there is available within the firm, which means a potentially higher salary for you, particularly if it is known that you have been contributing to a legal business magazine and promoting the firm.

It may only take an hour or two a month to compose one article for a legal business magazine. A couple easy hours that could mean a substantial salary increase for you in the long run.

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