The Benefits of Reading Legal Magazines


Legal magazines

Legal Affairs magazine was an American magazine that was launched under the auspices of Yale Law School, and which later became an independent non profit venture with an educational mission. As the first general interest legal magazine, Legal Affairs featured stories that centered on the intersection of law and everyday life.

The magazine was founded with support and inspiration from Yale Law School, guided by Lincoln Caplan, Legal Affairs’ editor and Knight Senior Journalist at YLS. Though legal times magazine has only been publishing for a few months, the concept took years to develop.

Legal business magazines are a great resource for experienced field lawyers and law enthusiasts alike. By applying legal matters and jargon to real life situations, legal magazines can be a great real life application of law fundamentals.

Legal times magazines are also a great resource for people who are potentially interested in entering the field of law. Resources for everything for how to apply to law school, to typical salaries in each type of law are available in legal times magazines as a resource for inexperienced individuals looking to break into the field of law.

On par with most other fields, law has also begun to shift to digital mediums as well. There are several legal magazines available online, which are fantastic for fostering discussion. Unlike printed magazines, online magazine publications allow you to leave comments on articles, which allows like minded individuals to interact with one another, which ultimately helps create a line of communication between people with common interests.

If you are new to the field of law, considering a career, or are an established practicing lawyer, reading legal times magazines are a great resource for application of law fundamentals to real situations. They can give you insight into existing cases, or cases that you may potentially encounter later on.

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